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More whistleblowers conveniently killed in plane crashes with unbelievable cover-ups

Once again politically troublesome whistleblowers are killed just before their scheduled testimony in a plane crash considered caused by electromagnetic pulse weapons interfering with the plane electronic system the same time that a cell phone in a nearby car and a satellite are affected with signature of EMP, and once again the official story is unbelievable, evidence recovery and emergency responders leave for the site prior the crash and preceding the white flash and explosion or official call for help.... . What were the 9-11 witnesses and anti-Guantanamo activist and the Rowandan genocide witness/human rights activist and three demolition experts (contradicting the official 9-11 conspiracy story) scheduled to be on the Continental Connection Flight 3407 then heading to the Chicago 9-11 investigators,-- and others-- going to say if they weren't assassinated first?
Why did the world intelligence community need this evidence of the EMP weapons during the same week as other crashes with unbelievable official stories and the Chinese skyscraper fire and the destruction of the overhead Russian satellite reporting EMP weapons use and destruction of drones (like missiles the US attacked Pakistan)? Was the murder of 50 people necessary to silence opposition to planned US terrorist and military attacks to get natural gas and petroleum from Russia, Ukraine, Chechnya, Venezuela, etc.?

The bright orange "black boxes" are recovered within 15 hours, and kept from independent investigators even though the black boxes from 9-11 are still not officially found where tiny fragments were found and investigated. Witnesses report radio interference, white flash, sudden silence of plane followed by louder noise and fire prior crash, and witnesses follow the same pattern as those of other sites of suspected convenient assassination by EMP-caused plane crashes of saying officially one thing while on camera and saying off camera or anonymously that they believe it was intentionally caused and covered up. The recordings of transmissions between plane and air traffic control tower indicate no problems caused by ice or non-weapons. The site is taped off as a crime scene, per standard operating procedure, unlike at the sites of 9-11. Evidence is collected by the same who covered up other assassinations by plane. Is this the first time the news claims the cause was ice on wings so early after a crash? The ice excuse is not sufficient to cause the evidence or crash; pilot error is excluded due to proven expertise and experience. The plane was new with a clean safety record, and its type has no history of that type of problem, yet the same patterns of pre-crash problems are related to EMP weaponry. Why does this also coincide with the numerology followed by the same folk of the New World Order behind so many other assassinations and military/economic/political attacks, and with vested interests to silence these witnesses and others threatened by this?

Please read  http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=85997.80

Beverly Eckert, whose husband died on 9/11, died herself in the Buffalo plane crash, wrote five years ago, "My silence cannot be bought."

Why Al Franken Should NOT Be Riding Private Planes  http://www.commondreams.org/view/2008/12/24
 link to www.google.com


Excerpts from article and comments: Why Al Franken Should NOT Be Riding Private Planes by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman
Michael Connell, who died Friday night when his private plane crashed near his northern Ohio home. Connell was the information technology whiz kid who helped Rove steal the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, along with a few in between--possibly including the 2002 senatorial campaign in Minnesota that followed the death of Paul Wellstone.

He now joins such critical players as Paul Wellstone, Mel Carnahan, Ron Brown, Mickey Leland, John Tower, John F. Kennedy, Jr., and many more critical public figures who have died in small plane crashes at questionable moments.

Congressman Hale Boggs of Louisiana, the most vocal critic among Warren Commission members. Boggs became frustrated with the panel's total reliance on the FBI for information. Speaking of the 'single-bullet theory,' Boggs once commented, 'I had strong doubts about it.' On April 1, 1971, House Majority Leader Boggs delivered a blistering attack on [FBI Director] J. Edgar Hoover, charging that under his directorship the FBI had adopted 'the tactics of the Soviet Union and Hitler's Gestapo.' Boggs, who undoubtedly would have become Speaker of the House and a powerful ally in any reopening of the JFK assassination investigation, vanished on October 16, 1972, while on a military junket flight in Alaska. Despite a massive search, no trace of the airplane or of Boggs has ever been found.

Let's ask Cokie Roberts of NPR/ABC, who is Hale Boggs' daughter, what she thinks happened to her father who died from exposure after his plane crashed!

This business of convenient deaths by "accident" of people who actually made waves certainly deserves more investigation and deliberation. I'd hate to be Caroline Kennedy...

When someone who had been about to testify, and who additionally had said he was afraid and being threatened, suddenly dies in ambiguous circumstances, the chances are pretty good he was offed. Why is it that when such things happen during organized crime investigations we don't doubt for a minute that foul play was the cause, but when it has to do with our government (which most of the time is just another form of organized crime, especially the Bush gang), we go through all manner of logical contortions to allow for "accident"? Why when we read histories of past epochs and we are told of assassinations by Nazis, Soviets, papal conspirators, medieval English royals or Italian Renaissance nobles, do we take the historians' word for it and not chalk it all up to coincidence?

As with Boggs (as mentioned above) and, more recently, with the still unelucidated death of Barry Jennings, the NYC emergency responder whose eyewitness testimony as to what happened in WTC7 many hours before collapse would have been paramount in any new 911 investigation (and who also had said he'd been threatened), when the motives for murder are considerable and the authorities appear to stonewall any attempt at serious investigation, it behooves us to consider foul play by the government, or by people protected by the government, as foremost among the hypothetical causes of death. Why do we still not know the cause of Jennings' death? Does anyone posting here know at least if any "official" declaration has been made?

How many Republicans (aside from Connell) have died in plane crashes (and excluding Ted Olsen's wife on Sept.11,2001,which wasn't a small plane) in the last 20 years? How many heads of state have the CIA acknowledged "helping" their planes crash:Lumumba..

I have heard that since 1981, 22 congresspersons have died in place crashes - 19 of them Democrats, and 3 of them Republicans ... and one of those being John Tower, who was preparing to write his book on Iran-Contra. This imbalance seems striking considering this has been a period when Republicans have held the majority in Congress.

Please see excerpts from:


February 13, 2009, 02:53:38 PM »

Here is the Sorcha Faals version of the plane crash.
February 14, 2009

Top 9/11 Witness Assassinated In New York Plane Shootdown

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

FSB reports are stating today that American fascist coup forces
currently engaged in a bitter struggle for control of the United States
against forces loyal to President Obama, have assassinated one of the
top witnesses against them by downing the plane she was a passenger on
with an EMP device they have previously used to silence those ready to
testify against them, and which now has killed another 50 innocent

According to these reports, Beverly Eckert [photo top left] became one
of the top advocates of bringing to justice those responsible for the
September 11, 2001 attacks which claimed her husbands life, and after
receiving President Obama's 'personal assurance' at their meeting last
week that he was going to prosecute those involved, was in route to
Chicago to present evidence to US Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald who was,
likewise this past week, retained in his position by the new American
President intent upon winning the titanic struggle he has taken on
against this most ferocious of enemies.

As a member of the Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent
Commission that sought truthful answers to their beloved family members
deaths, Ms Eckert was reported to be 'voracious' in attempting to bring
to justice the criminals responsible and had posed to the former Bush
Government the following unanswered questions that to this very date
have still not been answered:

President George W. Bush: As Commander-in-Chief on the morning of 9/11,
why didn't you return immediately to Washington, D.C. or the National
Military Command Center once you became aware that America was under
attack? At specifically what time did you become aware that America was
under attack? Who informed you of this fact?

Vice President Richard Cheney: Please discuss the advice and plans of
the Energy Advisory Council specifically as they relate to pipeline
development and gas/oil exploration in Afghanistan, Iraq and other
Middle Eastern countries, and the feasibility of such development or
exploration specifically in those two countries in 2001.

Condoleezza Rice: Regarding the meeting of Abdullah Abdullah (close aide
to Massoud and now the Afghan Foreign Minister) in July , 2001, with
"some top National Security Council (NSC) and State Department
officials," what information about al Qaeda did he convey?

George Tenet, Director of the CIA: Why didn't the CIA share vital
information about the terrorists with the FBI?

Robert Mueller, FBI Director: Which hijackers have been positively
identified by DNA? Is the FBI in possession of DNA samples for all of
the hijackers?

Questions for Director Mueller Regarding the Hijackers: Please explain
how the passports of Mohammed Atta and Satam al-Sugam, both on Flight
11, survived the inferno to be found on the street near the World Trade

•Who found the passports and what time where they found?

•Please describe the condition of each passport.

•Please explain how the passports of two hijackers survived the
explosion and inferno.

In what is, perhaps, the cruelest twist of fate in the deaths of Ms
Eckert and her fellow passengers, the US propaganda media machine has
been employing the exact same public manipulation tactics used in the
9/11 attacks, and where even before the fires had been or any
investigation begun, it had been predetermined that ice was to be the
cause of this horrific event.

So many 'experts' have been put before the American people in just the
first day that it is now the accepted wisdom that ice was indeed the
cause making all other evidence to the contrary suspect in these poor
peoples minds.

But, to this 'other' evidence makes the more logical case supporting the
FSB's assertion that this plane crash was an assassination as just
moments before the planes fatal plunge into the ground Russian
satellites detected what is described as a 'low level' Electromagnetic
Pulse (EMP) emanating from an area located near the Eastern parts of
Lake Erie in the United States.

About EMP weapons it is important to note: "Scientists discovered that a
nuclear bomb was not necessary to create an EMP Weapon and they managed
to produce EMP weapons of considerably small size, the idea was to
create an EMP suitcase bomb that could be taken into an enemy building
and detonated without casualties with the destruction of all electrical
equipment in the building paralyzing the enemy data center."

And, though not largely known, destructive EMP weapons are simple to
make and deploy with plans and kits for EMP pulse generators and Low
Power Pulse Guns available for purchase in the US for as little as

Even more important to note is that Russian Space Authorities ability to
effectively monitor EMP events over North America were 'significantly'
degraded due to the destruction of one of their satellites this past
week, and which we had reported on in our February 12th report, "Russia
Issues Nuclear Attack Warning Over US Takedown Of Satellite".

The use by US Intelligence Agencies of EMP weapons to target the planes
of their enemies was first used in 1972 against Dorothy Hunt who was the
wife of CIA Agent and Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt. Ms Hunt,
and just like Ms Eckert, was on a 'mission' to Chicago to testify in her
husbands defense when her plane was brought down on December 8, 1972,
and which upon her death kept her husband in silence till upon his
deathbed he confessed to being a part of the fascist assassination team
that murdered President Kennedy in 1963.

To the greater significance of these events it lies in how, even to this
day, the American people are still able to be continually deceived by
the fascist forces manipulating them and who have faithfully followed
the maxims of their German Nazi forbearers best exampled by the words of
Adolph Hitler...

"Tell a lie often enough, loud enough, and long enough, and people will
believe you."

So it remains that our reporting of the truth of these events will be
subsumed by the lies being poured by the minute into the minds of these
Americans, who not for one second will even question the facts for

© February 14, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved

« Reply #94 on: February 13, 2009, 03:22:56 PM »

Whatever the reason for the crash, the White House has one thorn fewer in its side with this woman's passing.

9/11 Widow in Buffalo Crash Was Also Guantanamo Protester

Local papers are memorializing Beverly Eckert, the "9/11 widow" whose husband died in the south tower when the World Trade Center was hit by a terrorist attack in 2001, and who was killed in last night's air crash in Buffalo. The Times, Daily News and New York Post mention that she became a crusader for a 9/11 investigation, and her efforts helped get the Federal Commission of the attacks and their handling launched.

What none of them mention, though, is that Eckert was among a group of 9/11 family members who last year publicly challenged the military commissions at Guantanamo, and signed a statement saying "many of us do not believe these military commissions to be fair, in accordance with American values, or capable of achieving the justice that 9/11 family members and all Americans deserve."

Ironically, though he had called for an end to these commissions last month, President Obama recently said he was open to a "modified" commission system for Guantanamo detainees -- at a meeting with members of families of 9/11 victims, including Eckert.

Other media outlets and blogs have noted Eckert's opposition to the Guantanamo commissions. It's a little odd that our local papers haven't done so. Photo via The Cat's Dream.


Reply #107 on: February 13, 2009, 05:32:29 PM »

last night on coast to coast a man called in during the first segment who lives near the airport said he saw a flash in the sky about the time of the crash. go to the coast to coast web site and listen

Rwanda genocide expert/activist also died in Buffalo plane crash « Reply #96 on: February 13, 2009, 03:36:30 PM »

The plot thickens! Another activist was also on flight 3407

Rwanda genocide expert dies in Buffalo plane crash
 link to www.google.com
40 minutes ago

NEW YORK (AP) — Alison Des Forges, who was among the first human rights activists to highlight the ethnic tensions that exploded into the 1994 Rwanda genocide, died in the fiery commuter plane crash outside Buffalo, N.Y. She was 66.

Des Forges, a senior adviser for the Africa division of Human Rights Watch for nearly two decades, "was the world's leading expert on the Rwanda genocide and its aftermath," Emma Daly, the rights watchdog's communications director, said Friday.

She was co-chairwoman of an international commission on the rise in ethnic violence in Rwanda several months before the genocide began and persuaded diplomats in Kigali to move several Rwandans to safety.

The campaigner testified at 11 genocide trials at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda as an expert witness and wrote an award-winning account of the genocide, "Leave None to Tell the Story," the rights group said in a statement.

"She didn't sensationalize; her style was to let the victims speak for themselves," said Georgette Gagnon, Africa director at Human Rights Watch.

And she "demanded accountability for all crimes committed," Daly added.

Des Forges insisted the rebel Rwandan Patriotic Front forces, which defeated Rwanda's genocidal regime, also be held accountable for its crimes. She had been banned from the central African country since 2008 after publishing an analysis of judicial reform there, Human Rights Watch said.

Des Forges "dedicated her life and work to understanding the country, to exposing the serial abuses suffered by its people and helping to bring about change," the group said.

In 1999, the activist was awarded a "genius grant" from the MacArthur Foundation, which noted her work in documenting the genocide.

"She was truly wonderful, the epitome of the human rights activist — principled, dispassionate, committed to the truth and to using that truth to protect ordinary people," said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch.

Des Forges was killed as she returned home from Europe, where she had briefed diplomats on the situation in Rwanda and Africa's Great Lakes region, Daly said. She sent an e-mail to colleagues from the airport before boarding the plane.

Born in Schenectady, N.Y., in 1942, Des Forges was to married Roger Des Forges, a University of Buffalo historian specializing in China. She is survived by husband, two children and five grandchildren.

« Reply #115 on: February 13, 2009, 06:10:07 PM »
The transcript of flight 3407's last communications with Air Traffic Control only intensifies the mystery. There is no mention of any problems. No mayday call. Flight 3407 just disappears suddenly.

Fox News reports that three demolition workers and experts were scheduled to be on the same plane, but at the last minute did not board it.


February 13, 2009
50 Killed as Plane Hits House Near Buffalo

Federal investigators have retrieved both "black boxes" from a Continental Airlines plane that crashed late Thursday night near Buffalo, killing 50 people. The boxes — the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder — were found in good condition and should reach the laboratories of the National Transportation Safety Board in Washington this afternoon for analysis, officials said.

The plane, which crashed in the hamlet of Clarence Center, N.Y., carried 44 passengers, a crew of 4 and an off-duty airline employee on a flight from Newark to Buffalo, officials said. Everyone aboard the plane and one person in a house destroyed by the plane was killed, said Chris Collins, the Erie County executive.

Two others in the house, a 57-year-old woman and her 22-year-old daughter, suffered minor injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital, where they were treated and released, officials said.

Among those on the flight was Alison L. Des Forges, a historian and human rights advocate who documented the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and investigated related issues in Burundi and Democratic Republic of the Congo, according to Emma Daly, communications director of Human Rights Watch in New York City.

Also on the flight was Beverly Eckert, the widow of Sean Rooney, a Buffalo native who died at the World Trade Center in the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Ms. Eckert was on her way to Buffalo for a weekend celebration of what would have been her husband's 58th birthday, and had planned to take part in the presentation of a scholarship award at Canisius High School that she had established in his honor, The Buffalo News reported.

Ms. Eckert met President Obama last week at the White House, along with other relatives of people killed in the 2001 attacks or the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole.

Speaking at the White House late Friday morning, Mr. Obama said that Ms. Eckert "was an inspiration to me and to so many others, and I pray that her family finds peace and comfort in the hard days ahead."

He said that the crash reminds the nation of the fragility of life and the value of each day.

Continental Airlines said the pilot of the flight, Continental Connection Flight 3407, was Capt. Marvin Renslow, 47, from Lutz, Fla., outside Tampa; the first officer was Rebecca Shaw; flight attendants were Matilda Quintero and Donna Prisco; and the off-duty employee traveling on the flight was Capt. Joseph Zuffoletto.

The airplane that went down is a relatively new model, a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 with two turboprop engines and room for 74 passengers. The flight was operated by Colgan Air under contract to Continental, and it has been using that type of plane since February 2008.

Maddy Loftus, 24, from Parsippany, N.J., was on the flight traveling to a reunion of the women's ice hockey team at Buffalo State College, said Jeff Ventura, the sports information director at the school. Ms. Loftus was the first girl on the Parsippany Hills High School boys' ice hockey team, before playing forward for Buffalo State from 2002 to 2004, and then at St. Mary's University in Minnesota.

Her father, Mike, is a pilot for Continental Airlines, according to several news reports and confirmed by a friend who answered the telephone at the family house.

In Buffalo, employees at the 300-person office of Northrop Grumman, a defense contractor, were shocked to learn of the death of four colleagues. Jack Martin, a spokesman for the company, confirmed the deaths, but declined to release the names.

The death of Cantor Susan Wehle, from Temple Beth Am in Williamsville, N.Y, was also confirmed by the Jewish Federation of Greater Buffalo. According to the Temple's Web site, she had in 2006 recorded a CD of her work, "Songs of Hope and Healing."

Clay Yarber, 62, a Vietnam veteran who had twice survived helicopter accidents during the war, also died in the crash.

"That is one of the bitter ironies of all this for us," a former wife, Michele Keratsis, said in a telephone interview. She said that after his service in Vietnam, "he was not happy to get on a plane at anytime."

After Thursday night's crash, other pilots flying in the area reported icing on their planes, and there was some speculation in the news media that the weather at the time of the crash may have played a role. The airplane that crashed was certified for flying into icing conditions, and the crews of such planes are trained to deal with ice.

The Bombardier 400 series uses a rubber/pneumatic de-icing system from Zodiac, an inflatable boat company, to de-ice its wings and tail sections. It is operated by an automatic sensor. The blades of the engine have a heated de-icing system.

The weather did not seem particularly treacherous for the part of the country. According to a National Weather Service meteorologist, Joe Villani, in Albany, N.Y., there was light snow and mist recorded at the airport at the time of the accident. The winds were at 17 miles per hour, gusting to about 25 miles per hour. Visibility was three miles, and the cloud ceiling was at 2,100 feet above sea level, Mr. Villani said.

He noted that skies were overcast at 2,700 feet, meaning the plane had passed through a solid layer of clouds."This is a tragic day in the history of New York," Gov. David A. Paterson of New York said at a news conference. "This is a difficult hour for the families."

Before the news conference, Governor r Paterson met with families of the victims and described his discussions. "I saw a woman whose fiancé was killed in the plane crash, she has three little daughters," he said.

Mr. Paterson mentioned a United States citizen from China, a researcher living in Buffalo who lost her husband in the crash.

Referring to Ms. Eckert, he said: "Now she and her husband, Sean, have been lost in different tragedies, one in an attack on our country."

He said he saw the family of Ms. Des Forges, whom he described as "a noted writer, a foremost expert on Rwanda, a great human being and a human services coordinator." And he said he spoke with a state trooper who lost a cousin.

An intense fire at the site of the crash, fueled by a natural gas leak, initially made it difficult for the investigators to retrieve the black boxes, according to Steven Chealander, a member of the safety board who is acting as spokesman for the crash investigation. Fourteen investigators from the board are at work seeking the cause of the crash, he said in a news conference Friday morning.

Its flight data recorder should have captured hundreds of data points each second about the performance of the airplane and its condition, which can aid investigators in reconstructing the accident. While there apparently was no sign of trouble in the communications between the crew and ground controllers during the flight, the cockpit voice recorder could provide information from conversations among the crew, as well as other sounds that their microphones may have picked up.

Tony Tatro, who lives near the crash site, told CNN that he was driving home when the plane passed about 75 feet overhead, with its nose pitched lower than normal and its wings tilted. The plane struck the ground moments later, he said.

The plane crashed about 10:20 p.m. Eastern time, five minutes before it was due to land. David Bissonette, the emergency coordinator for the town of Clarence, told reporters around 4 a.m. that the plane had made "a direct hit" on the house at 6038 Long Street in Clarence Center, part of the Town of Clarence northeast of Buffalo. The site is about five miles from the airport.

"It's remarkable that it only took one house," he said. "It could have easily taken the whole neighborhood."

Mr. Bissonnette said the only piece of the plane that remained recognizable was the tail. The investigation, he said, would be "painstaking" because of the amount of damage to the plane and the house.

Mr. Collins said that about 12 nearby houses were evacuated after the crash and that a limited state of emergency had been declared.

Sandra Baker, who lives on Railroad Street, two blocks from the site of the crash on Thursday, said: "It was just like a huge great big crash, a boom."

Both of her sons, volunteer firefighters, went to the scene.

"There was this banging sound" before the crash, she said. It was followed by a boom, then a dark cloud and flames and the smell of fuel and fire.

Another woman who lives nearby described the sound before the crash as "a loud roar over my house."

"It was like the whole house shook," said the woman, Jennifer Clark, who also lives on Railroad Street. "Then there was silence."

Ms. Clark said she looked out of her window and saw a ball of flames rising into the sky.

She woke up her husband and said, "I think a plane just crashed."

"I don't know," she said. "I feel bad for the people on the plane and their families. I feel bad for the firemen who have to recover the remains of those poor people."

Ms. Baker described the town as "small-town U.S.A.," a place that will reel from what she was sure would be the biggest tragedy the town has ever seen.

The crash will be investigated jointly by the New York State Police, the Erie County Sheriff's Office and the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority as well as the federal officials from the safety board, who will take the lead.

At a command center where officials gathered after the accident, Chris Kausner told CNN that his sister was on the flight. He said she was connecting from Jacksonville, Fla., where she was a law student. When a reporter asked Mr. Kausner how his family was taking the news, he said: "I heard my mother make a sound into the phone that I had never heard before. So, not good."

In the neighborhood where the crash occurred, flames rose high above the bare trees and neat houses overnight. Neighbors rushed from their homes to the carnage, through a swell of emergency lights and sirens.

Brendan Biddlecom, who lives a few blocks from the crash, made his way with other neighbors.

"I didn't get too close," Mr. Biddlecom said. "I didn't want to get too close. It was clear what was going on."

By 2:30 a.m., the police had set up checkpoints around the neighborhood and had cleared the immediate vicinity of the crash. The smell of burning fuel and rubber was still thick in the air.

Scott Bylewski, the Clarence town supervisor, said he heard the crash from his home about a half-mile away. "I took a look from my house and the sky was red," Mr. Bylewski said at the 4 a.m. news conference. "I know when I go home, I'm going to give my wife and kids a kiss."

Colgan, the operator of the plane, also flies feeder routes for US Airways and United Airlines. Colgan's Web site said the airline operates about 50 aircraft, including 15 of the Q400 model, and recently reached an agreement with Continental to add 15 more aircraft. Colgan, which has flown for Continental since 1997, is owned by Pinnacle Airlines Corporation, based in Memphis. Pinnacle has about 6,000 employees around North America, 1,800 of them in Memphis.

The last fatal crash involving a scheduled carrier in the United States was a ComAir regional jet in Lexington, Ky., in August 2006. The crew attempted to take off from a runway that was too short; 47 passengers and 2 of the 3 crew members were killed.

During the day on Thursday, Continental posted a notice on its Web site that its operations would be affected by the winter storm on the East Coast, including the Buffalo and New York City areas.

The storm caused delays of up to five hours on arrivals at Newark Liberty International Airport on Thursday, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. That was unusual even for that airport, which routinely has some of the worst delays of any destination in the country.

Early on Friday, the F.A.A.'s Web site showed delays at Newark of three hours and 50 minutes.

Earlier versions of this article misidentified the flight brand name as Continental Express and the plane as a De Havilland DHC-8-400 Dash 8, and misidentified the Continental flight brand that Colgan Air operates. It is Continental Connection, not Continental Express.

Micheline Maynard contributed reporting from Detroit; Michael D. Regan from Clarence Center, N.Y.; Trymaine Lee and Liz Robbins from New York; and David Stout from Washington.

« Reply #102 on: February 13, 2009, 05:06:08 PM »

~17 hours after the crash the feds report that they are looking at the info on the voice and data recorders, and upon initial investigation, there is evidence of significant ice build up. It was reported that all the data was preserved an in very good condition. Does anybody know of any instance where such information has been available to the public less than 24 hours after an airline crash?

« Reply #105 on: February 13, 2009, 05:21:50 PM »
Good points Rusty.

Another thing they kept on stressing in the TV news reports is that they are taping it all off, as a crime scene, to thoroughly investigate the scene. I heard that several times while listening to CNN last night. The reason I am pointing that out is usually that is SOP of the NTSB except for where 9/11 was concerned.

« Reply #109 on: February 13, 2009, 05:45:51 PM »

9/11 Cover-Up Connection: Black Boxes Found 15 Hours After Buffalo Crash

Yet FBI claimed that indestructible black boxes were never discovered following WTC attack.

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Friday, February 13, 2009

One of a plethora of cover-ups surrounding 9/11 is the FBI's contention that the black boxes onboard the two planes that crashed into the World Trade Center were never found, a claim that has been further discredited following the news that the black box onboard flight Q400 that crashed last night in New York was found within 15 hours.

The FBI told the 9/11 Commission that the black boxes from Flight 11 and Flight 175, despite being built to withstand direct full speed crashes and temperatures of 1800-degrees, were never discovered in the wreckage at ground zero. They also claimed that the voice recorder from Flight 77 and the flight data box from Flight 93 were damaged beyond recovery.

It is incredibly rare that black boxes remain undiscovered after a plane crash, and considering that the WTC site was meticulously cleaned up to the point where tiny bone fragments were recovered, it is inconceivable that the black boxes could have been completely lost, even if they were damaged beyond repair.

In 2004, New York firefighters Mike Bellone and Nicholas DeMasi went public to say they had found the black boxes at the World Trade Center, but were told to keep their mouths shut by FBI agents. Nicholas DeMasi said that he escorted federal agents on an all-terrain vehicle in October 2001 and helped them locate the devices, a story backed up by rescue volunteer Mike Bellone.

As the Philadelphia Daily News reported at the time, "Their story raises the question of whether there was a some type of cover-up at Ground Zero."

"At one point, I was asked to take Federal Agents around the site to search for the black boxes from the planes," he wrote. "We were getting ready to go out. My ATV was parked at the top of the stairs at the Brooks Brothers entrance area. We loaded up about a million dollars worth of equipment and strapped it into the ATV," said DeMasi.

"At one point, Bellone said he observed the team with a box that appeared charred but was redish-orange with two white stripes. Pictures of the flight recorders on the NTSB and other Web sites show devices that are orange, with two white stripes," reported the newspaper.

"There was the one that I saw, and two others were recovered in different locations - but I wasn't there for the other two," Bellone said. He said the FBI agents left with the boxes."

In addition, a source at the National Transportation Safety Board later told Counterpunch, "Off the record, we had the boxes... .You'd have to get the official word from the FBI as to where they are, but we worked on them here."

Suspicions surrounding the so-called failure to locate the black boxes at the World Trade Center can only be heightened by the news that the black box from last night's tragic plane crash in Buffalo was discovered within a mere 15 hours.

Furthermore, both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder were in perfect condition, as you can see from the image below.

"The black box of a commercial airliner that nose-dived into a Buffalo house in New York has been retrieved, about 15 hours after the incident," reports Press TV.

The flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder "have been found and they are on their way back here," said Ted Lopatkiewicz a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), AFP reported on Friday.

The motivation behind lying about the recovery of the black boxes on 9/11 is obvious - any aspect of the recordings of the onboard conversations between the pilots or the movements of their plane that didn't coalesce with the official story would have destroyed the fairy tale that was being constructed around the attacks in the very minutes and hours after they started to unfold.

Questions about how a handful of men with box cutters could have overpowered burly ex-military pilots and scores of passengers with apparent ease would not have gone unanswered.

The circumstances surrounding the Buffalo crash and the Beijing skyscraper fire are two events that happened in the same week which offer stark contradictions and only place the credibility of the official 9/11 story further in doubt.

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Is it? the evil bastards! Pheonix, please provide a link so that we may do some research. We need to understand the evil of these bastards


Mostly talks about the significance of the 13 to Luciferians/ Satanists.

Friday the 13th is notable because it only happens 3/4 times per year, as opposed to the 13th occurring in every single month.

I used to have a long list of people murdered on Friday the 13th, but unfortunately it was a written list and has long since been lost. Good luck finding any such list now, too, considering the movie series will probably be all that you can find. But there were a lot of them, many famous, semi-famous, or of character that would really bother TPTB.

It's no secret that 13 is a sacred number to them. Finding evidence of the "friday" connection to it is more difficult. However, consider the "good friday" and "black friday" and various other references to the importance of Friday. Our culture is permeated with "Friday" references.

Friday is named for the goddess Frigga, who is also Venus. Most of the "Frigga" parallels are fertility goddesses. Thus the connection of Friday to 13 will have importance from this frame of reference, as well.


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It's difficult at this point to consider a garden variety mechanical failure the cause of the crash.

Crashed commuter plane was new, had good record


A Pinnacle airlines official says the commuter plane that crashed near Buffalo, N.Y., was new and had a clean safety record, leaving investigators few immediate clues about why it suddenly plunged into a house minutes before its planned landing, killing 50 people.

The aircraft crashed Thursday night about five miles from the runway, near the point where a pilot would begin setting the plane up for landing.

Skies were foggy and winds were 17 mph, but there was no indication of anything out of the ordinary and no mayday call, according to a recording of air traffic control radio messages captured by the Web site LiveATC.net.

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