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Former WTC Employee Exposes 9-11 Inside Job

WTC Occupant Scott Forbes demolishes the official version of 9/11 with his amazing story.
Scott Forbes was a WTC occupant who was hired by Fiduciary Trust in 1999. On 9-11, he was a Senior Database Administrator for the company. He was not in the World Trade Center, as he had the day off. His account of what occurred days before 9-11 suggests nefarious possibilities. On September 8-9, 2001, only days before the attack, he reports that the Port Authority took out power for every floor above the 48th floor. The Port Authority said that they were performing a cabling upgrade. Forbes said that a power-down had never happened before in all of his years working there. What are the odds that the first time a power-down would take place (and a massive one at that!) would be three days before the attacks that would destroy the building?

Some have theorized that there were secondary devices within the buildings that exploded to aid the collapse or cause confusion. Forbes stated that the power-down knocked out all of the security systems on the floors it effected and that 'engineers' entered the building. So, three days before the 9-11 attacks, an unheard of power-down was conducted that took out power for every part of the building that was above the 44th floor. During this time, engineers ran around the building without security cameras watching them and without security systems stopping them from entering certain parts of the building.

"I was convinced immediately that something was happening related to the weekend work." said Mr. Forbes. Forbes has pointed out a number of other peculiarities, such as the fact that a number of Fiduciary Trust employees were on the phone with their family members and stated that they were hearing 'bomb-like explosions' inside their building prior to it's collapse. Were these employees hearing explosions caused by bombs that were planted by the engineers during the mysterious 'power-down' three days prior?

The World Trade Center has video cameras on top of it that feed images to local television stations. If bombs had gone off inside the building, the detonation wave should be visible in footage taken from these cameras that should have been broadcasted on the local networks. Where is this footage? As Forbes notes, the cameras on top of the World Trade Center were conveniently and inexplicably inoperative on the morning of 9-11.

Even more bizarre is the account of one Fiduciary employee, who stated that after the North Tower strike, they ran outside and were surprised at the large number of FBI agents that were already on the streets of New York only a few minutes after the first attack. Were FBI teams waiting right around the corner to take control of response operations just minutes after the first attack, as they appeared to be at the Columbine operation (A Military-Intelligence black op) and as the ATF appeared to be on April 19, 1995 when the Alfred P. Murrah building was destroyed by rogue elements of the US Military-Intelligence complex?

Scott Forbes has also said that 9 people mentioned to him that a "fire drill" was being run by his company on 9/11. This was confirmed by an NY times report that stated that an "emergency drill" was being run by Fiduciary Trust on Floor 97. Markus Allen, a researcher behind the website "Truth In 7 Minutes" interviewed a family who told him that someone they knew worked in the World Trade Center, and was not allowed in at 7:45 because of a "fire drill" that had cleared out the building. Is this yet another bizarre coincidence?

There is one more bizarre coincidence to this story. This one revolves around Anne Tatlock, who was then the CEO of Fiduciary Trust. Tatlock has an interesting background. She was a trustee of Howards Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), along with James A. Baker III, the Carlyle Group adviser who is defending Saudi Arabia from a trillion dollar lawsuit being filed against them by the families of the 9/11 victims. She worked in an office that took a direct hit on 9-11. She would have certainly been killed if she had gone to work. However, she did not go to her office that day. Instead, she was invited to Warren Buffet's "last golf event" at Offutt Air Force Base, headquarters of US Strategic Command. At 3:07, Bush landed at Offutt Air Force Base. It is interesting that Offutt Air Force Base has connections to Project MKULTRA, Project Monarch, the Franklin cover-up,

Forbes says "I have mailed this information to many people, including the 9/11 Commission, but no one seems to be registering these facts.".

So, we are left with a number of questions:

1. What was the real purpose of the massive power-down that took place three days prior to the attacks?
2. What caused the 'bomb-like explosions' heard by Fiduciary Trust employees?
3. What caused the video cameras on top of the World Trade Center to be 'inexplicably inoperative' that day?
4. How were the FBI able to get teams in the street within the first few minutes after the first attack?
5. Who scheduled a 'fire drill' for that day and had one like it ever been done before?
6. Was Ann Tatlock's story just an amazing coincidence?
7. Why isn't the 911 Commission investigating?

Sadly, I think that this author is slowly beginning to understand the horrifying answers.