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Call it "a web of lies"

Call it anything you want...
Rei Comb Bats Militira-ism
Sometimes you got to deal with the man
That can't understand the badly translated prose of Williams
Woods froth thy dear,
This currency and so forth year
The tight bundle of anarchism
Like an amythyst Brazilian cave
Gave fortyh a terrible shed of garnet
Overb the granite tops
And so the mountain carved like fatty salmon
Cried as she sank beneath the bulldozers hill a burden drill
You can't believe the way they gave themselves prose
They dived deep beneath the water fall
And surfed in the carved hurricane tsunami that comes from the nerve struck drill
And afganistan finally called all my fallen heroines buddah and Christians saw heroine
Damn you hence firth I call you heaven
And hetch hetchy cried new worleans drowned
Damne you season fashion or fret
The guitar strung hero sashies forth and cries
Ladies we need anarchism
And his hips tyrate round and round
And they cry henceforth we understand the cloth
Of a silk spun worm
You my dear defecate the womb
And string yoru lullaby like a mister rad mcdonalds
Do you understand who you can't be?
You can't be the smiling face of Ronald mcdonald
Ever lasting
No, you can be president
But under a tax ation nation system water bent
Emploding like enron on to her rip tide submerge
You ride the waters back
And shot on command surfing duck of bridge and dam,
Brownie , heck of job
Like girl scout in us hadn't already wrestled your torture command security
Dead on combat
Some fallen mountain in Yosemite can now welcome everest under her
Melting snows.
Dead marmots scatter the last glacier melt.
But non profit is easier than making a profit.
Colloctives due this.
Sherpas an easy nation.
You can find dead blood and a better not give more
It upsets everyone. Really.
Somebody better be educated about this.
But sister, do not understand your priestess
In the collection plate last Thursday.
What if I an't a a preacher
Just all of china in covered and damned
Llike finally Herbert hoover saw the promise
Of water on mars
And everyone carried off the ship sang I am stars
Emploding into oxygen tanks
Holly and burton smile at the cameras
This is a lessen to you my dear
Chomo lung ma
Ten times faster
Carried old ti bet down a gradient hill
Crashed glaciers white man can never get his fill
And so the dolly lama
With gorgeous altered Andrew Jackson calls out home on the mountains
But some glaciers are faster struck the with pix axles
Assholes call them sleves firsts
William kiss her and call it over
The prose calls out the poetry and stabs her repeatedly in the chest
Blood squirts close up on snag snuff film
Dude that was all that was left of him
He finished her off.
The maiosts were stopped one pink skirt after the other
And the men declared a dick tater and chips
Were broken off and bread dipped in what was called red wine
But women were lead to cells and phones
Cried out this is is hell
Some call it bomb bay
Some call it enron
Or holliburton, be thy name and constitution
But acid in the face of nation wher are your sensibilities women,
You accept this pitiful beast and call it an acceptable burden?
Where is holly jolly Christ mass in all this?
Over spending, and your house our our neighbors worst concern...
Blow up little yoesmite
Have your way with aunt artic
Do what you want you petty lifting monster
Rape her fragile frame with tender iron and ax
Me what in gods truth is you real face>
North or some thing like trademark and foreign policy
These confusing climbs you made to day that you've already forgotten
And Tibet wails in salty dried pork misery
Ham hock devoured salt language forgetten tombs
Where she went
Chased across the plain the negklect the scent
The high desores the adventures the walls of quilts.
Sweet summer grass and youth
But now swamp lands and warlords demand a first born
For field pricked like prison of crops killing back like old numbered tattoes
Of sheep
Dove, rat and field micedamned
Fuck it. Summers over soon. You missed the season and damns dams dams you can
Never witness the old
Water stops here in the chest
Stomping down in rivers the coho salom is now forever farmed and all the wild
Have been bashed to bits on dams dams you never saw the Columbia
Dolles what a dalles dumbed damned
Creeping like messiah profit is regarded as something devined
On merlots tongue
Fuzzy elves drilled here hOlla burton
What percentage of mon santo are you allowed
Can we use cesar Chavez as a blood stream count?
What organic method of inscoulence makes your cry out to the corwd
I missed that last slow boat to china
And I can not go to Indonesia
But I am friends with the knocking of elbows and unslighty port-rages
I wallable unslightly unsightly with a relative immunity to what goes
Around have you kissed the last forcibly hyster wrect tummy
This is our new solution to over global population
Something to do with copulation and the dollar
Holler halle burden
In Puerto wreak owe
What is a dollar to a sunken city; what is Athens to Greece?
I call forth William
I ask you now, do you plow
The roads in the winters or are the pro prosed
By fine print misters, called for new wood?
World wide Plight, clime my sole lung ma
And kill the tiger.
Dude I tickle your throat and break you after noon tea party up>
I am Boston the hit band
Sent on Indian Aim Command to disco dance
We are gonna rock this nation
We Are gonna rock this chest
We are gonna roll pearls
At you all night long
Dance. Now. Dance. Mother Fucker. Dance.
Dance disco diss go
Like diss pop it in place. Uoooh yay feel diss rhythm
Ooom feel the beat you us man
Mmmmmm damn man, nam... ..
Shit agent. Orange. Security, calling on dept ofhomelandwoody gutheryharvestedsecurity
Answer damn William wordywordsmoth and call out Thoreau
And polluted walden
Says pond ribbet
And all the frogs saw ddt in one afternoon.
Never another tadopole,
Sucks don't it,
Like a teat that was torn off and spit out val-conoeooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
A beast cries you owe me mother
And the blood spills instead of milk
Global warming
Me in your chambers.
Getting me ready for Gettysburg
Drifting on the ocean
What was one Eskimo to another
You never had to get the punch line.
Unemployment was equal to these mother fuckers
They never cleared land as slowly as they did when they built Atlanta
Wasn't that bloody good legislating
Working together the Cherokee had a bit of walk before work
You only had everest to make them reach upon,
Nothing much mythically
One collapsed peni tent jury
One band Lung in
Chomo, Chomo
Mom mom, mom
Then just GONE.

Poem or Prose? ... 14.Feb.2009 06:39

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com


You're a Long Winded Bastard
This I must Say!
As You Wind about among the Trees
Misspelled Words, Angst, Anger, in
Your Despair, Disrupted Eco System
and World Affair Prose

Off Your Chest, Off Your Way
Hold Your Heart High!
'Pon This! ...Valentine's Day!
Whist 'Pon Wind, Long be Whiskers!
Pondering Life's Foibles
Not For Beginners

As Argument Rises to Meet
Should We have Pork?
Or Settle Down 'Pon Vegan Dinners
Vegan or Not?
Throw it in the Pot
Atheist or of Religious Faith
We All ...be Sinners

So, Love Your Fellow Man,
Love Your Mother
For This is Our Earth
And You Are My Brother
This is All We've Got
and They Will Be Given
No Other

So Pull up Your Boots
and Strike Up the Band!
Sing of Freedom and Hope
Fore this in Our Heart
This in Our Land
As Man Cast He upon Future's Doubt
As One Together Make Mountains Move
Lines Drawn 'Pon the Sand

And We the People
Take "Us" Back to the Places
'Fore this Mess Began
So Hold Your Head High
Sing of Sweet. The Soft, The Bitter!
Sing Your Message Strong!
Internet E-Mail and Twitter!

Ain't Nothin' Been Got ...
Ain't Been Stood For!
Stand Up and Go! Gitter!