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Tre’s Latest Callout-Jan. ‘09

The longest night of the year has passed. As we move toward the light, we are entering a new era.
(written on 100% Salvaged/scrap paper)

The longest night of the year has passed. As we move toward the light, we are entering a new era. Many have a hope that Obama will bring forth some form of restoration to these dilapidated political and economic systems. I see very much of the same people, advisors and policies of previous administrations which have brought about colossal damage to the planet, people's rights and overall health, justice and freedom. If Obama rally does want to bring about positive change, will he be allowed? I pray the hearts and minds of those people in positions of power will be filled with that which is utilitarian-based (and not greed-based). In the meantime, we have much to do...
My days are filled with music and writing. The mountains surrounding me stand in a brilliant grey and white. The snow around me glitters like billions of crystals in the radiant sun. Bright blue skies follow the snow storms. Crows swoop over my head and call out their gratitude. Yesterday a flock of huge white geese flew over us out in the recreation yard. By the time the summer solstice is warming our bodies nicely, I'll be back in Stumptown (Portland)!! I was supposed to be out in May, but the BOP is "punishing" me for a call I made while at Sheridan. A new cell mate of mine had just arrived and he was very eager to speak to his fiancé, who was 8 months pregnant. I figured I'd do him a favor by asking my sister to call his fiancé and give her my celly's registration number, so she could wire him some money and they could talk on the phone. Well, apparently this is a major violation of the countless ridiculous rules they subject us to. As a result, I was tried, found guilty and was "sentenced" to loss of telephone for three months plus loss of 27 days "good time". So as it stands at this point, my release date from here is June 8th, 2009, with my final release date from the halfway house (or home confinement) being Dec. 4th, 2009. By this coming winter solstice, I'll be free from confinement! I'll still have probation to deal with, but at least I'll be living away from the oppression and politics of this prison setting. Even though I'm being released later than planned, I'm extremely grateful I'm getting out. Many prisoners among me and beyond are not going to be home for a very long time...some not at all! Despite the rampant dysfunction and oppression engulfing this place, it's still far better than many other prisons (Bomont, AbuGraib, Guantanamo, etc.). I acknowledge my blessings and my heart goes out to all the prisoners everywhere who are subjected to far worse conditions than what I'm experiencing.
In case you are wondering where your tax dollars are being spent (besides funding the wars, subsidizing corporate interests, and supporting the murder and pillaging of our animal friends and planet), here is a small demonstration of how this government puts your taxes to good use: this place is filled with guys from Mexico who were sentenced to five or six years for "illegal re-entry". This government thinks it's going to punish people into not coming into this country by locking them up, providing free room and board, and giving them a job. There are plenty of prisoners who are not criminals but are treated by the prison staff as something less than humyn. There are many men and women throughout the prison system who are innocent. Some were found guilty in court, despite their innocence; others plead guilty because they didn't want to risk losing at trial and spending many years or the rest of their lives behind bars. There are countless people incarcerated for decades (some even life) for growing marijuana. One guy here was handed a 30 year sentence for making containers which held marijuana. He has no previous record. He has a daughter 7 years of age!
This government continues to build prisons and fills them up with humyns, not monsters; people who have families, responsibilities, passion and dreams of being more than an animal in a cage. This prison industrial complex exists not to make the U.S. a better or safer place, but because it keeps the money flow streaming along while making the selective few very rich. Most prisoners are locked up for non-violent "crimes". Despite the outrageous number of people incarcerated in this country (approaching 3 million!) The crime rate continues to increase. Meanwhile corporate and government officials operate with impunity for the atrocious injustices they perpetuate.
We have choices: we can put blind faith in political leaders to save us from the perils of our social, economic, environmental and political paradigms or we can lead the way. We can accept what media tells us or we can educate ourselves and others to the realities of what is transpiring here and abroad. We can obey and conform to the dominant culture's pressure or we can create our own products and services which contribute to the overall health, fairness and benefit to all inhabitants of this precious planet. We are more than consumers and this planet is so much more than a treasure chest from which to steal and exploit. The choice is in our hands. We can be the change we want to see in this world. We are the voice beckoning the people around the world to rise, unite and take action to protect the rights of all beings...for the sake of the sanctity of life.
In solidarity,

inside perspective 13.Feb.2009 22:01

Joe Anybody

thanks for sharing - I hope time flies by for you - your post was eloquently written - and for some reason I feel better, in spite of the negative reality of many aspects beyound our control