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Call The Governor -It is so Easy and Important

Dont Send The National Guard To Iraq or Afghanistan

Call --> 503-378-4582
Call Now ! 503-378-4582 Keep Oregon National Guard Home
Call Now ! 503-378-4582 Keep Oregon National Guard Home
The following is the recent email I received today on the Campaign to Keep The Guard here in Oregon.

I just called the number (503-378-4582)
It is easy to do
It was voicemail and I got 3 minutes to "say what I wanted to say"

My big point in my message was that the AUMF's (Authorizations for Use of Military Force) for this invasion, have "no provisions to end this conflict" and there is wording that states there are WMD's .... well folks this is deployment based on lies.

It takes just a few minutes to support this peace movement
So many lives are at stake
My cousin committed suicide in Iraq in 2005
In the letter he wrote Peterus he said "i didn't come here for greed & corruption, death before dishonor, I wont be sullied no more" he then shot him self in the head in Bagdad. He was a Col training the "special forces"

When do we as citizens DEMAND this shit STOP
We do it now!
We make the call now!
Its easier than ordering a pizza .... please call 503-378-4582


Here is the latest information and more phone numbers to demand hearings for HB 2556



As you know, half of the Oregon National Guard troops are slated to
deploy to Iraq in late March/early April. Our state campaign is going well so far--legislation has been introduced in the Oregon legislature to keep them here (HB 2556, HR 4 and SR 1), but we need your help to push it along. We are on a very tight timeline, so every day that goes by without forward movement is critical. We need you to act now!

There will also be a call-in day on Thursday, Feb. 26 to contact your legislators about the bills and resolutions, and to also call Senate President Peter Courtney and Speaker of the House Dave Hunt.

The next step in the process is getting hearings before the House Rules
Committee, so we are asking you to get on the phone to press for this.

Here are the people to call, and a sample script is below:

Speaker of the House, Representative Dave Hunt (D-40): 503-986-1200
(can make sure the measures get scheduled for a hearing)

Chair of the House Rules Committee: Representative Arnie Roblan (D-9):

Vice-Chair Rules Committee: Representative Vicki Berger (R-20):

Rules Committee Member: Representative Tobias Read (D-27): 503-986-1427

Rules Committee Member: Representative Mary Nolan (D-36): 503-986-1900

Rules Committee Member: Representative Bill Garrard (R-56): 503-986-1456

Rules Committee Member: Representative Bob Jenson (R-58): 503-986-1458

Rules Committee Member: Representative Sara Gelser (D-16): 503-986-1416

"Hello, my name is Concerned Citizen (if applicable, add "and I am a
constituent.") and I am one of the 7200 people who signed a petition to keep
our Oregon National Guard at home (or: I belong to one of the 56
organizations that supports the Keep Oregon's Guard in Oregon campaign, or I am a supported of the Campaign's goals). The State Legislature responded to our petition with HB 2556 and HR 4, but unless hearings are scheduled immediately, it may be too late. Please give this legislation a chance by giving it high priority. Schedule the hearings and let the people testify. There is no time to waste."

Here are similar points in list form

**The authorizations for our Guard to be deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan are not valid and the Governor should keep the Guard in Oregon.

**In January at the Capitol, a campaign of 56 organizations delivered the names of over 7000 people from across the state who want legislation to keep our Guard home.

**The Legislature responded by introducing HB 2556, HR 4 and SR 1. I
support these measures, but all the energy will be wasted unless the system moves quickly.

**The Guard is set to leave Oregon at the end of March/early April-- there is no time to waste.

**We want Speaker Hunt to schedule hearings so that the people can testify.
We believe the hearings will build support for the legislation.

**21 states plus Washington DC are now pariticipating in the nationwide effort to keep the Guard home. In Maryland, Senate Committee has already agreed to hold a hearing sometime before the end of February just days after the bill was introduced.

The legislators who are co-sponsoring the Orgeon bill and resolutions are: Representatives Bailey, Dembrow, C. Edwards, Greenlick, Kahl, Thompson, Tomei and Shields. The Senators are: Monnes-Anderson, Monroe, Morrisette, Rosenbaum, Walker and Schrader.

If your representative or senator is not on this list, call or
write and ask them to co-sponsor! The more co-sponsors we have, the easier
it will be to move this through the system. To find your legislator's info, go to  http://www.legislatorpro.com/oregon .

Again, look for more information as February 26 comes up but in the meantime, let's be sure our bill gets a hearing! Keep phones ringing all over the Capitol!

--Dan Handelman and Leah Bolger
for the Campaign to Keep Oregon's Guard in Oregon.

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxpeace.org/campaigns/national-guard/

reason #1. 13.Feb.2009 17:46


1. Does the proposed resolution/legislation have the teeth to keep Oregon's National Guard from being deployed?


The essence of the legislation is found in the last three paragraphs, which would:

(a) limit the use of Oregon's National Guard to wars that are constitutionally authorized "pursuant to a congressional declaration of war or resolution";
(b) give Oregon's Attorney General the authority to defend decisions regarding federal deployment of the Guard;
(c) clarify the intent of this law is that Oregon's government, not the Oregon Guard members, will make this decision.

mentioned Oregon Troops 13.Feb.2009 21:48

Joe Anybody

So this email came by my desk on 2.13.09
Unrelated to the campaign ... but hey look who pays the price!

Oregon: Possible Chemical Exposure
By The Associated Press
New York Times: February 12, 2009

The Oregon National Guard has written to 433 of its soldiers to say they may have been exposed to a carcinogenic chemical at an Iraqi water pumping plant shortly after the war began. A spokesman for the Guard, Maj. Mike Braibish, said three companies of the 162nd Infantry Battalion were deployed in Kuwait, and the troops were sent into Iraq to escort employees of Houston-based KBR, which was inspecting oil facilities. He said no symptoms indicating exposure to the chemical, hexavalent chromium, had been reported to the Oregon Guard. "That doesn't mean they won't be," Major Braibish said.

"Some may have been treated by the Veterans Administration, and we don't know about it. It's a possibility." Senators Evan Bayh of Indiana and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, both Democrats, said there were unanswered questions about the exposure of American troops to the chemical at the Basra water plant in 2003. Mr. Bayh first raised concerns about the Indiana Guard.

Tuesday in a letter to the Pentagon, the senators mentioned Oregon troops.

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A True Hero 14.Feb.2009 16:18

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

im on the Capital steps filming Michele
its Oregons birthday party here today
Michele has passed out HUNDREDS of "keep the guard home leaflets" ...she is collecting hundreds of signatures too ...this is great..... Durring the Gov's speech (inside the capital) (i did not see it) ..... But she yelled out "Keep the Guards Home".... Over n over loudly..... The state police kicked her out..... i folowing her around outside on the steps..../so were cops for a while when the Gov came outside.....
Hey Joe
will you post this update on Indy for me
she is getting great responses
peace ....mike

Please Governor send me home ---NOW
Please Governor send me home ---NOW
How many more National Guard  members must die before our Gov. say ENOUGH?
How many more National Guard members must die before our Gov. say ENOUGH?
Our State Politicians can try to stop sending our National Guard to this hell
Our State Politicians can try to stop sending our National Guard to this hell