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Play about Forced Sterilization in Oregon at Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center

Great play about Oregon's Eugenic history, set in 1934 and the present. A real eye opener about the root motivations of core racism and prejudice against the poor and minorities. Suggested donation $10. No one turned away. Sunday, February 15 at 2pm: we welcome all homeless, houseless, in transition: come as you are; this day is in your honor.
This beautifully acted play is a reminder of Oregon's not so distant eugenic past: Hitler's Nazi Germany gained it's core ideas from the US and policies implemented by states like Oregon. In 2002, then Governor Kitzhaber issued an apology to the thousands sterilized, some just for being poor, gay, or "misguided". A stellar cast of some of Portland's finest actors bring to life this story by Oregon playwright Helen Hill.
The program handout for this play is a newspaper with articles about modern day eugenics operations: stealthier and more high tech, but just as arrogant and pervasive as the earlier methods. GMO Terminator seeds; mercury tainted vaccines, chemtrails, and the continuing depopulation shenanigans of the Rockefeller Institute, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation etc.
Don't miss this show. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm through February 28 at Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center 5340 N Interstate (on Interstate at Killingsworth Yellow Max Stop).
Suggested donation $10. No one turned away.