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forest defense

EF! humboldt tree-sit

protect old-growth redwoods and spotted owls in cascadia
Starting Sun. the 15th, Green Diamond is approved to begin logging in the McKay tract of forest in Humboldt County, CA. This is home to several Old-Growth redwoods and Northern Spotted Owls (an endangered species).

The biggest threat to the northern spotted owl is loss of old growth forest habitat as a result of logging and forest fragmentation. As a result of declining habitat due to logging, as well as this interruption of their annual mating season(feb-mar), their population is only 2000-3000 pairs and dwindling.

EF!ers in Humboldt are increasingly busy as the potential start-up of logging approaches.
The dedicated folks occupying the Ewok style tree-village and canopy network are busy preparing the defenses of this imperiled Redwood forest. Our numbers continue to grow as people join the effort and move out into the trees.

If you want to tree-sit (even if you never have before!) or if you can help in other ways, please email us ASAP or visit efhumboldt.org.

email:  contactefhum@gmail.com


address: address: http://www.efhumboldt.org

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