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New Men's Gardening & Food Sustainablity team meeting this Spring

New men's Gardening & Food Sustainability team meeting this spring, starting February 21st; central ideas are sharing of skills, passion, energy, and the desire to create gardens!
New Men's Gardening & Food Sustainability Team, Saturdays weekly, 10 am - 1 pm.
We will be having our first brainstorming meeting on Feb 21, open and free to the public. Hope to see you there!
Learn the basics of sustainable gardening by working on one another's gardens -- facilitated by visiting master gardeners and our growing collective intuition. Our team also learns by visiting community gardens, local nurseries, and farms. We will be sharing our skills, knowledge, and energy to create a community formed around gardening and food sustainability. All men of all skill levels encouraged to participate!

Facilitator: Bryan Rollins has been a gardener & educator working in residential and community gardens for 2 years and is a food sustainability organizer in Portland. Suggested donation of $5-$20/session sliding scale benefits Manifest, a local men's wellness community. No one turned away for lack of funds! Work-study available, if scheduled before session.

Contact: Bryan, 503-223-8822 x1, 360-820-8682,  rollinb2@gmail.com

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