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Army recruiting? In my neighborhood?

Are army recruiters harassing your high school aged siblings or children?
I was absolutely disgusted to find an Army Reserve flyer on my door today. Nobody at this house is interested in state sponsored murder. They were targeting my younger brother who just had to register for selective service and he too was upset about the note. It was left on our doorknob without a sound, we never heard anybody walk up on the porch, never had a knock at the door. Are they afraid they'll spit on? Well, probably here.

This is essentially just a reminder to call your local recruitment center and tell them to leave you alone! If you have a younger sibling or a child that they send their junk mail to on a monthly basis, let them know it's a waste of a tree (which is also disgusting), that no matter how bad the economy gets no one should be forced to harm other humans for money and that they are not welcome in our communities.

just wondering 12.Feb.2009 14:31


just curious where is this picture from

Resources for Truth-in-Recruiting and Anti-Militarism 12.Feb.2009 22:04

Recruiter Watch PDX

I'm with Recruiter Watch PDX, a local all-volunteer truth-in-recruiting organization. Since the summer of 2005, Recruiter Watch has worked to limit military recruitment in Portland area schools; educate youth, parents and community members about the realities of war and military life; and present concrete alternatives to the military. We challenge the "poverty draft" in which military recruiters excessively target low-income youth and people of color, and believe through education we can reduce the heightened militarism and war culture in our schools.

Under No Child Left Unrecruited (Oops! -- Behind), military recruiters are allowed the same access to students as would prospective employers or educational institutions. Currently, Portland Public School does NOT allow equal access for counter-recruiters. That is why when students meet our volunteers during the Opt-Out campaign in September (when we distribute opt-out forms to students and encourage them to "opt-out" from having their personal information automatically released to military recruiters), we are always standing on the public sidewalks outside the school.

If students feel that there are abuses by military recruiters at their schools or that their school is being excessively targeted by the military, contact us at  rwpdxcoalition@gmail.com or leave a message at our office number (503) 290-3827. Students, teachers and families can also contact us if they wish to have a classroom or PTA presentation about truth-in-recruiting and alternatives to the military. Recruiter Watch PDX has published a booklet, "Life After High School," which are we currently distributing to counsellors and librarians in Portland Public Schools. This booklet includes information on pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships, education and travel opportunities (working, learning and travelling-- education and career alternatives you can use). In conjunction with the Portland American Friends' Service Committee, we are also distributing copies of the AFSC book, IT'S MY LIFE: A GUIDE TO ALTERNATIVES AFTER HIGH SCHOOL. Interested teachers and/or counsellors and/or librarians should contact us if they would like a copy of the book and booklet to make available to their students. Recruiter Watch is very conscious that economic times are extremely difficult right now. However, there are other options than military enlistment!

Another local organization with whom Recruiter Watch PDX works very closely is the Military & Draft Counselling Project. Military & Draft Counselling Project - War Resisters League (Portland Chapter) can help with issues such as draft registration requirements; pre-enlistment counselling; separation from Delayed Enlistment (DEP); and conscientious objection. If you are considering joining the military or know anyone who is thinking about joining the military or if you are worried about a draft and are considering conscientious objector status, contact the Military & Draft Counselling Project at (503) 238-0605. There is no charge and the volunteers will not judge you or tell you what to do.

Another local organization that works closely with youth on peace and justice issues is the local American Friends' Service Committee. Also check out the PDX Peace Coalition at pdxpeace.org

On-line information for youth, families and other concerned individuals include:
www.afsc.org (click on Youth and Militarism)
www.nnomy.org (NNOMY stands for National Network Opposing Militarization of Youth)
www.objector.org (sponsored by the Central Committee for Conscientious Objection)
www.leavemychildalone.org (information on opt-out)

Recruiter Watch PDX always welcomes help. Again, our e-mail address is  rwpdxcoalition@gmail.com

Hope this is somewhat helpful to someone.

bringing the big toys 24.Feb.2009 17:50


This morning I noticed a large ARMY STRONG vehicle parked at Oregon City High School. That was enough to make my blood curdle, but then I heard that the army was going to bring in a Blackhawk helicopter as a show and tell. That REALLY makes me angry. Thank you for keeping us posted about what is going on with the recruiting tactics. They just keep getting worse and worse.

Ridiculous 25.Feb.2009 15:43


Shut the fuck up. You act like the US military has never performed a worth while service.

What if there was a war.... 25.Feb.2009 17:18

And no one came?

What if there was a war and the "hawks" were the only ones who were sent to fight it?
"Rich men declare wars but it is the poor who must fight." Sartre

State Sponsered Murder? 29.Apr.2009 18:46


Wow! What an ignorant self righteous comment! Not all wars are meaningless quagmires. Not to mention the fact that only a small portion of the military actually sees combat, or the fact that without those people, you would not live in a country with the freedom to spout out your dumbass opinion. You don't have to support the policies that lead to war, please challenge the predominant paradigm; that makes our democracy great. But never for get that people have died for hundreds of years to give you that freedom and continue to do so to maintain that promise. I'm as liberal as anybody in Portland, but don't dis the service. They help more people then you obviously understand.