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Innocent Man Forced to Plea Guilty

My son taken to jail for a crime he did not commit! There was no evidence, and after 2 months in jail told that if he did not confess that he would get 6 years in prison, but if he did confess they would give him 2 years - so he confessed. We need help to get him out! Please anyone can you help us?
My son just took a plea bargain for a crime he did not commit. They police put him in jail on November 21. The case is not as serious as the other cases you have handled but it is my sons life that is being ruined. On November 21st my sons best friends gf was attacked by knife point and was attempted to be raped so the story goes. She as first said it was dark and she could not see the attacker. Now she is pointing the finger at my son. There was suppose to be alot of DNA on her but til now the police say they are still processing it. My son told them he did not do it and they have no evidence til now knowing who did it but they are still holding my son. They have now told him they will give him only 2 years if he just confesses he did it. If he does not confess then he is looking at 6 years. My son has 2 baby daughters and dont want to lose time in thier lives more than he has already so he confessed. He told our family that if he knew the DNA was processed and the attackers DNA was evident that he would not confess cuz he did not do it. Our family knows who did do it, we have told the police but they are not investigating it. They are only looking at my son. Do you think there is anyway you can help in this matter. There is much more to this story but I do not want to waste your time if you do not think you can help in this matter. This girl was pressured by her boyfriend my sons friend to say it was my son. The real person that did this is my cousins son. They had to move from the last state they lived in cuz he did the samething. Please I beg for your help. My son is still in the county jail they will send him to prison on the 19th of this month. Please if anyone can help please email me: cewais@hotmail.com Please we need to fight this kind of unjustice!

The Confession Industry Is So Bogus 13.Feb.2009 23:04


"Just confess and everything will be easy," they will say, every time.

It will be very easy - for them!

If I ever get jury duty, I will automatically say "not guilty" to any "crime" where a confession was obtained.

When the prosecutor asks about the juror's feelings about confessions as evidence, the truly responsible citizen will just lie. There is no justice - just us.

Who gives a damn about the truth? Not the lawyers and judges - that is quite clear!

They merely want their money. What do they care about the rest of us? They care NOT!!!

same situation 01.Apr.2009 00:19

Christina West angelrose_hrr@yahoo.com

i was browsing on the internet when i found your article im in the same situation but with my husband his cousin said she had him were together she didn't report anything till about 6 months after the time she said it happen we had evidence to prove him innocent but his laywer/ and procuter told him they had evidence againist him and after about 7 months in jail they told him he would never see his kids we have 4 and 1 he has never met cause she was born while he was in jail again unless he took the plea so he did. if you find any info on how we can help each other i would apperciate it as i will keep you in mind if i find anything no father should be kept away from his family for crimes the didn't commit my email address is  angelrose_hrr@yahoo.com feel free to email any time.