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Obama George W. Bush Wacks Helen Thomas!

In the debut of president Barrack Obama's first press conference da Prez in an attempt to honor the grand dame of the white house press corp.
Obama George W. Bush Wacks Helen Thomas!

By Lloyd Hart

In the debut of president Barrack Obama's first press conference da Prez in an attempt to honor the grand dame of the white house press corp. gave a slightly more dramatic calling on Helen's turn to ask her "question" but was so stunned by her "question" he completely dodged the "question" and did not answer the "question" at all.

The "question" was in two parts but the part I'm talking about is when Helen asked the president "Do you know of any country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons?"

When I watched the president's penis retreat back up inside his body at the specter of Helen's "question" I began screaming at the television at the tops of my lungs temporarily injuring my vocal chords while with scinister intent of violence to destroy my T.V. began creeping toward my T.V. "Israel, Isssssrrrrraaaaeeeelllll, Israel, Israel, the answer is Israel Mother Fucker." Israel being the only nation in the Middle East with nuclear weapons.

What a fucking chicken shit Barrack Obama has turned out to be. The question dropped like a 100 ton led balloon through the white house floor never to be seen again. The entire white house press corp seemed to turn to stone at the sound of Helen's questions. Absolutely no one I have had a chance to look at any where in the media, corporate or otherwise has even brought up the question or why Helen asked it.

Helen Thomas has an uncanny ability to ask the questions that presidents absolutely do not want to answer and thanks to Helen we now know that this new president does not represent change when it comes to surfacing the truth about why Israel does not want Iran or any other nation close by to acquire Nuclear weapons. It's not that israel is afraid of a nuclear attack from it's neighbors, it's that Israel is afraid of M.A.D., Mutually Assured Destruction that will and can only lead to Detente. Israel is afraid of Detente.

Israel wants continued violence and tensions with the Palestinians and their neighbors so they can continue to expand their territory. But if they have nuclear weapons aimed at them like Israel has aimed nuclear weapons at its Arab and Muslim neighbors then they can no longer continue to succeed at expansion simply because the Palestinians will become better armed with weapons like ground to air missiles because the Palestinain's allies will no longer be afraid of being attacked by nukes or conventional air strikes from Israel.

In other words Israel will have to accept the Arab league deal and the U.N. mandate of the 1967 lines for the two state solution because the world will not allow an arms race in the Middle East to go to far and will leverage consessions out of Israel to finally settle the issue bringing to fruition the right wing zionist's worst nightmare. That Israel will be bred into a secular Arab/Hebrew state that will one day be absorbed into the greater secular Arab society and the demented dream of a Jewish state will disappear into history.

Iran already has enough material for a nuclear weapons program and I encourage them to create a nuclear missile program and aim the missiles at the state of Israel so that the Middle East can get to Detente sooner than later. I for one am exhausted giving the Jewish state my hard earned tax dollars so that those dollars can be used to kill Palestinians. Enough is enough and Helen Thomas's question was perfectly timed even though the president didn't even acknowledge the question's existence.

Lloyd Hart

Helen Thomas ROCKS! 11.Feb.2009 23:11


I Bet she won't be asked to pose questions again. I saw it on DN and can only hope but doubt that MSM also showed it,so more folks had a chance to watch this chickenshit Obama moment! Way to go, Helen!

. 11.Feb.2009 23:35


Helen Thomas, in a 14 word question to the pResident, revealed that indeed the emperor has no clothes. She deserves a medal!

Turned out to be?! 14.Feb.2009 14:31


What a chicken shit Obama has turned OUT to be? How about what a chikcen shit he is and always was! All of his votes in the State Senate on abortion were 'present' and the ones that put people of color behind bars were, too.

Americans love Hollywood, and they love to follow the leader.

I agree, Helen Thomas is the best we've got.
Is it time, yet, for a little protest?

Margaret Kimberely has a great article on imc-UK, and a poster of Obama with the words OBEY underneath, instead of CHANGE.

How could any intelligent, intuitive person actually think he would change things?