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VIDEO:: Human Rights Meeting on Racial Profiling Feb 5 09 Portland Oregon

I went to the Portland Human Rights Committiee's public meeting and filmed the two hour discussion on Racial Profiling
PDX Human Rights 2009
PDX Human Rights 2009
This was a separate meeting from the regular Human Rights Committee in Portland Oregon. They met and I filmed the discussion on "Racial Profiling" here in Portland. The Portland police were invited, but no one representing them was present at this meeting.

If I am correct, there were 5 committee members. There were 2 citizen present and 2 city offices represented. This is meeting is open to the public.


This meeting is "continued" in 2 weeks (Wednesday) (2.18.09)
It is held at their office located at 5315 N Vancouver street

Fell free to sit in on the next meeting and if inclined speak up and share your thoughts

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