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lawyers for poor americans has begun featuring current national legal stories concerning middle class and working poor american's lack of proper legal representation in our us civil and criminal courts of law.
~ is there a lawyer in the house ~

our first featured legal case involves a former icon of the american modeling industry and her former live in lover, semi retired pro golfer mark burk.

we have been following this legal case for over one month now and will continue to write all the details directly from the mouth of mr. burk that others do not have access to.

**for starters, we have been given the rights to re-publish both national enquirer stories found here.the feb 5/09 story is currently still available on news stands everywhere.

lawyers for poor american's will also be directing our readers to the future you tube video that mr. burk has in the works that details his troubling relationship with this super star former model.

we fully understand the problem a poorer american like mr burk has in attempting to get his version of what he says really happened over a period of many years living with a woman he not only loved, but found to be abusive & yet at times very generous.

yes, we know many first hand details about this unique love relationship that have never been previously printed or spoken about publicly by either party.

lawyers for poor american's will be covering this legal case from the perspective of the poorer man's comments and hurdles in fighting for his truth to win against the high priced lawyers waiting and ready to attempt to defend this wealthy former icon's name and reputation from what clearly appears to be fabricating evidence and court perjured testimony relating to that false evidence.

we know all the players in this drama, and will make every attempt possible to report both sides comments and legal moves fairly.

lawyers for poor american's is a volunteer www lobby group standing up for the right of every defendant in america to be afforded proper legal representation when needed. we have written many articles that can be found with any google or yahoo search by just entering our groups name.

 lawyersforpooramericans@yahoo.com ( 424-247-2013 )

proper legal protection for poorer american's ~ the c*h*a*n*g*e america needs to invest in !

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