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Kirby carpet cleaning is a scam

Warn your friends not to work for Kirby. It's a scam.
Kirby is doing door to door demonstrations/sales of their hi-tech vacuumes here in Portland. In the house where I'm living we have hard wood floors, so the person who knocked on our door was easily deflected. But the person managed to recruit me for a job interview with Kirby at their office on Sandy St. The interview seemed somehow too easy despite obviously contrived normal procedures (interview, application, waiting period, call back, job offer). So I googled "kirby scam" and found many personal accounts of Kirby scams across the country.

Kirby recruits employees to demonstrate and sell overpriced vacuum cleaners at people's homes in many cities. Employees never actually gain legal employment with the company and are often not paid for weeks of hard work. Employees demonstrating the vacuum inside people homes are forced to use many disrespectful sales tactics and ultimately take up hours of people's time while they push their 2,000 dollar vacuum sales pitch. Employees work very hard only to not get any pay. This can be devestating to a hard working person with a family.

Warn your friends not to work for Kirby. It's a scam.

That's right 09.Feb.2009 21:43

Fred Bauer

Don't ever let them into your house or even talk to them. You want to be polite with people but it does not work with Kirby. They know every trick in the book. I can explain more, but just take my word for it. Don't listen to their sob stories, get tough and send them packing.

I worked for them for one day 10.Feb.2009 00:21

crazy but not stupid

and when I was hollered at for not using a closing technique called the "contest close" because the person who I had demo'd for was buying her neighbor's kirby for 25 bux and had just wanted someone else to do the TV room's carpet, that was enough. Never regretted it.

Thank you! 17.Feb.2009 15:51


Thank you so much for this! I had a man come by and ask me if I wanted to be in a contest and so I gave him my name and number. Something about it gave me the creeps when a guy asked if I wanted some people to come by and clean my mattresses since I have hardwood floors. I googled kirby cleaning and this article came up. I appreciate everyone's comments!