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Radical Childcare Collective Forming - Learn more and join!

We're forming a collective to provide free childcare at radical events! Come learn more and get involved at our info session at the Red and Black Cafe, Friday 2/13, at 5pm!
Hello -

We're a small, as-of-yet unnamed collective dedicated to providing free childcare at radical community events in Portland. We haven't started up yet - we just formed two weeks ago, and are still in the very early planning stages.

Here's what we want to do, in a nutshell:

1. Assemble a small collective of childcare providers. All of our volunteers will be professional, respectful, and caring, with varying degrees of experience. We're exploring the possibility of having independent training and certification programs, as well.

2. We'll then cultivate agreements with a few community spaces in town, and work with them on an ongoing basis to provide free childcare at their events. We're also interested in providing childcare to people who need to attend court proceedings for criminal charges related to protests or actions.

3. We're interested in eventually expanding and providing more services. Providing free or cheap childcare for families? Opening a non-profit childcare center? There's a ton of possibilities, and as we grow we'll be keeping our options open.

We're hosting an info meeting for prospective volunteers at the Red and Black Cafe this upcoming Friday, February 13, at 5pm. This will be a laid back, informal opportunity for us to meet, exchange ideas, and start forming a more cohesive collective. The Red and Black Cafe is located at 400 SE 12th.

If you're interested in getting involved, but can't make the meeting on Friday, feel free to shoot us an email: pdxchildcarecollective@gmail.com. Thanks!

Awesome idea! 09.Feb.2009 20:11


I'm so happy to see something like this starting in the community.

As you form and plan and train, consider contacting Rosehip Medic Collective (formerly Portland Street Medics) to see about getting trained in first aid. Their current email is  pdx.medix@yahoo.com or you can usually find them floating around indymedia when they're not medicking at actions in the Portland area.