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Scamps Protest, Activist Arrested

The Radical Cheerleaders for Animal Rights performed today in front of Scamps store inside Lloyd Center Mall to bring attention to scamps history of selling puppies from puppy mills. After the performance, an activist is aggressively detained by mall security resulting in angry shoppers expressing their disgust with the security guards.

The Radical Cheerleaders for Animal Rights performed today in front of Scamps store inside Lloyd Center Mall to bring attention to scamps history of selling puppies from puppy mills. After the performance, an activist is aggressively detained by mall security resulting in angry shoppers expressing their disgust with the security guards.


Scamp's Pet store (located in Lloyd Center) is fond of saying their puppies come from kennels that are licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) implying that this offers some level of assurance regarding health and humane standards. The reality is that thousands of dogs spend much of their lives in cramped, cold and filthy cages as "breeding stock". In these USDA-approved conditions, adults and puppies are squeezed together, compete for food or water (if any is available) and endure a lifetime in tiny wire cages which damage their paws. They never get to feel the grass, have a toy, a treat, or chase a ball. Many go cage crazy running around in endless circles, driven mad by the frustrating hours of boredom and loneliness.

Scamps pet store was recently exposed in an undercover report by KGW Channel 8s Anne Yeager, who obtained veterinary records and interviewed multiple victims who have purchased sick and genetically defective puppies from Scamps. The story also tells how Scamps buys from puppy mills.

 link to www.kgw.com

Rent-a-Cops on Ego Trip Use Unnecessary Force 08.Feb.2009 08:39


I was there and witness the peaceful activist being attacked. The activist used WORDS, no violence. Last I checked, this was our American right. As the activist was LEAVING, two rent-a-cops came from different directions. One grabbed at him, but as the activist tried to leave, the two bullies chased and knocked him down. They got on top of the activist and pushed his face into the cement floor. The activist did not struggle, yet the bullies HANDCUFFED him anyways. How is it that Rent-A-Cops in a shopping mall are allowed to use excessive force? If these were real cops, it would still have been unnecessary brutality. I think these wanna-be cops should be FIRED for their actions. In these depressed economic times, GOOD citizens of Portland need to be employed. Lloyd Center - I implore you, get rid of these hooligans and hire deserving people to represent your mall.

Free Legal Defense to Protesters 08.Feb.2009 08:50


The person arrested might want to call me at 503.228.6655. I'll see to it he gets an experienced, aggressive lawyer to help him beat whatever charges they're throwing at him. For free, as a thank you for putting his freedom at risk.

stu sugarman
co-chair, Litigation Committee
Portland National Lawyers Guild

Call 08.Feb.2009 11:26

Den Mark


That's Lloyd Center's number. We should at least call to object to what the bogus "cops" did/do.

Lots of Support :) 08.Feb.2009 11:32

AR Cheerleader

As the Radical Cheerleaders performed, people clapped with smiles on their faces.....until the Mall Cops started using their excessive force. I was surprised on how much support we got from random people in the mall. People were booing and yelling at the mall cops. One mall cop as you see in the video, pointed to 2 random shoppers (who were voicing their disgust with the mall cops excessive force) and yelled at them to get out of the mall.
This mall cop who we have nicknamed The Grinch, should be fired. He is a type of person who should not be in an authoritative position as he is too aggressive towards random shoppers and obviously has a personal vendetta against animal rights activists or anyone who expresses dissent. It's one thing to tell us to leave, but it's another thing to throw a person down on the ground and use excessive force when the person was leaving with his family.

The people have spoken! They want The Grinch Fired AND they want SCAMPS KICKED OUT OF THE MALL!!!!!

The Grinch
The Grinch

Ahh what a cutie pie 08.Feb.2009 13:51


Matt, just checked out your mug shot on Multnomah County Sheriff's website. You look adorable! Keep up all the good work you do.

Call the Mall 08.Feb.2009 14:16

No more puppymills

Call the mall, 0 to get the operator. They didn't even know what had happened, and were quite disturbed when I told them. They're taking it serious, especially after they got a call from the Mercury. Yes! I hope to see an article next week!
Boycott Scamps!
Boycott the Mall!
Donate to rescue groups!

I called them and.... 08.Feb.2009 16:57

Hisss Meow

Ok, so I just called the mall and talked to them.
I told her I had just seen a video that brings
about a huge concern to me as a citizen.
She said 7 calls have come through and she was very
interested in this incident.
She listened to me describe what happened in the
video, and my knowledge of the incident as well.
She took down information of where to find the
video, as I followed such with letting her know
that this video has been posted everywhere on the
internet, and is reaching thousands as we speak.
She asked me what exactly is a puppy mill.
I explained to her the horrible conditions in
which these animals are forced to live as they
are bred over and over until they become to old
or die, living in crates, filthy conditions and
so on (you already know). She said "they sell
these animals for hundreds, even thousands of
dollars!" in a shocked voice. She listened and
agreed to suggestions about the mall instilling
policies that would stop scamps from selling
animals and even suggested that maybe they could
work with shelters to find homes for animals
She did take down my name and number, and her boss
will be calling me this coming week.
Our call ended with her stating that she would take
any calls regarding this.

working with Matt 08.Feb.2009 23:59


I have worked with Matt when Ringling Bros. Circus was at the Rose Arena. When I saw parent after parent with kids in hand coming in, I got rather emotional in tone. Matt asked me to tone it down, so I KNOW he is a valued protester for animals.

And it's work like his that changed laws for protesters to roam the outside Rose Arena at circus time, and not be contained to the sidewalk or a 3' square within. Thanks, Matt!

mall rent a security 09.Feb.2009 00:30

i've seen him before

this mall cop looks like the same rude one i asked a few months back for information about the location of a store. very unprofessional. i would drag him and the supervisor and the security policies into the court system. make them be accountable before a judge. now i know why i had a bad vibe about this security guard when i spoke to him. it wasn't even about scamps, but this guy needs to be accountable. in a way having the protester arrested, but at least this rent a cop will also be put on trial. good for those standing up against parvo, distemper and the rest of the puppy mill problems created based on breeding animals for the almighty dollar. when shelters are having to kill dumpsters worth of animals weekly, these types of business' don't need to exist.

I was there 09.Feb.2009 13:55


I just happened to be there with my 3 yr old daughter and I have to say that we really enjoyed watching the cheerleaders. I have never bought any animals from Scamps and now I never will and I will make sure I tell others to not shop there. I did not know that Scamps got their puppy's from puppy mills until the incident at the mall. By the way, my daughter and I was horrified at what happened to that young man who only said a couple sentences. I had to tell her exactly what was happening so she understood. She called the security "mean scary men." AND they arrested him in front of his daughter. I will be calling Lloyd Center and voicing my concern over the aggressive security officer who tackled him.

Security guard 09.Feb.2009 15:26


The Security guard in the white shirt and ball cap used to be at Riteaid on Sw 6th and alder. At that time he was chasing off street kids in spite of the fact he was not authorizied to enforce the SAFE (crap) ordinance. It's a small world, ain't it. See, what affects one, affects all.

Thank you, protesters 09.Feb.2009 21:55


It's refreshing to see people take time out of their lives to educate others and speak out against cruelty. People need to be informed about puppy mills so they can make the right choice and not support cruelty. We are killing millions of animals in shelters every year. (http://docsandaction.mcasstopthekilling.com/) People should adopt from shelters instead of supporting anyone who breeds animals. For anyone who does not understand why the protesters were there, please learn more here: http://www.kgw.com/video/specialreports-index.html?nvid=307670 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0KucYppXO0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HM8UmHM8Uo I will boycott the mall and ask my friends and family to do the same. Also, I called the mall to express my concern. Thank you protesters! Best wishes to all of you.

Security Guards Breaking Their Code of Conduct 10.Feb.2009 09:20


The Mercury posted sections of the Lloyd Center mall-security guidelines on their blog. These rent-a-cops totally broke the rules. Please call Lloyd Center and request that these bullies are fired!! Oh - don't forget.....Scamp's is EVIL too!! If you want a companion animal, please adopt from a shelter.

Never buy from Scamps 10.Feb.2009 11:00


Several years ago I was working at a coffee shop in Gresham at a strip mall, just the corner from our shop was a Scamps. We had so many customers come in and complain about the high priced,sick and depressed mixed breed puppies and kittens that were being sold for hundreds of dollars. But the one incident that stands out in my mind was over the Easter weekend when bunnies were left inside the front display window, the temperature was unseasonable warm and the animals ended up dying from heat stroke and dehydration. I visited the store several times and found the pets to be kept in bad conditions. They had nothing to lay on except the wire floors of the cages and the tiny dogs paws would fall through the wire when thet tried to walk. Usually they had no food, water or toys in the cages. When I would ask the young, uneducated/uncaring employees about this they would simply shrug and say they spill the water, knock over the food and chew up the toys so why bother. Scamps is a horrible place for animals to be bought and sold from. If you really want to help an animal in need go to a local rescue group or a shelter but never buy anything from a pet store including food, toys or other animal supplies.

Buyer beware! Then walk out the door 10.Feb.2009 14:42

Vet Tech

I am a vet tech and our clinic treats many pets (puppies and kittens mostly) whom have been purchased through Scamps. The most common puppy ailment is Parvo and kennel cough and with the kittens it is upper respiratory infections. There is no excuse for a pet store to sell sick and dying animals to the public. It is heartbreaking to the owners and an expense did not anticipate or can they afford. Not all the animals can be saved, some die, some need to be put down while some do survive. The sad part is when customers have gone back and informed the store they bought a sick animal from them they continue to sell the other puppies and kittens who were in direct contact with those who were ill and do not warn other prospective buyers or seek care for those who were exposed.

Let's hope he gets fired! 10.Feb.2009 15:59


I just called the mall. They informed me that the corporate office and the management are looking into the matter. It seemed as though the woman who answered my questions was well aware of the situation; so she must have received several calls.

He was a guest speaker... 10.Feb.2009 17:21


Hey people,

Matt{the guy who was arrested} was a guest speaker on February 5th during my writing class at PCC. When my professor announced he got arrested at the beginning of class today, everyone had WTH looks on their faces.

The professor showed the YouTube tape of what happened at Lloyd Center on Saturday. Everyone in the room was either shouting "OMG", "Hey Matt", or something else in support of Matt's efforts.

Keep up the good work Matt.