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Mental illness list.....PoPo alert!

Please review the attached link. The bill in Salem would create a "Voluntary" list of people that suffer from mental illness.
Doesn't this sound like something we should be avoiding? Could it be a restart of a Eugenics type of program? Could this list be used for less constitutional purposes later on?

Wasn't there a master list for jewish people created "voluntarily" in 1936 in Germany?


I just wanted some comments on this, or your thoughts.

In complete agreement with you 08.Feb.2009 13:29


Also, I found the paragraph regarding James Chasse interesting. It implied that if the police had known he was schizophrenic instead of under the influence they would not have killed him. Does that mean that their abusive treatment would have been more acceptable if he was under the influence of drugs/alcohol?

Talk to mindfreedom.org 08.Feb.2009 19:27


Mindfreedom is a magazine put out by Support Coalition International (out of Eugene, OR), and in case they haven't heard about this, you might want to direct their attention to it. They are an important group that is organizing nation-wide to stop coerced drugging, and would likely be interested in responding vigorously to this alleged development. Do you have any articles you can send to them, and share with us?

Along with the current listing of sex offenders, this alleged latest development you are suggesting would definitely make it appear that something is "in the wings" so to say.

In the light that nazi Germany once used such creeping methods to later bring into play their "final solution" against all called "deviant", etcetera, it would make sense to watch this closely.

On the other hand, why is there a "voluntary" list in the first place? Is it being made so that the police don't "mistake" someone like Chasse?

oops, sorry 08.Feb.2009 19:29


Sorry, duh, I didn't see your link...

But seriously, this would be likely something to contact mindfreedom.org about!