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Crash & Retrieval at Needles, California

Crash & Retrieval at Needles, California

UFO Crash & Retrieval at Needles, California
UFO Crash & Retrieval at Needles, California
UFO crash cases are very often the most difficult to investigate for various reasons. Normally, only a few eyewitnesses to the event come forward, governmental and/or military officials take over the case very quickly, whisking away any and all evidence, and trying to follow the trail of the debris or object is like catching a jack rabbit in the Texas brush.
Just recently, I have received information about a crash of an unknown object, which hit the ground south of Las Vegas, and near the town of Needles, California. The crash and retrieval took place on March 14, 2008.
Those who saw the object descending, claim that it was of a turquoise color. Any idea of the object being a meteorite was quickly dismissed because of the presence of a number of helicopters, which appeared to be searching for the object. Eyewitnesses claimed that the group of helicopters eventually located the object, and toted it to an unknown location.
The source of this information is well known UFO investigator, George Knapp, who has appeared on many UFO documentaries, and is known as an ardent researcher. One eyewitness of the events is Frank Costigan, who was chief of airport security at LAX for seven years, and is considered a witness of high credibility.
He stated: "It was bright, bright enough that it illuminated the ground. It went behind a hill, and I waited to see if I could hear it crash because as big as it was, it was bound to make noise."
Costigan never heard the sound of the object crashing. Also, David Hayes, owner of KTOX Radio in Needles, saw a formation of dark-colored vehicles leave the main road, obviously to clean up the site. He was able to see that the lead vehicle had government plates. He described this vehicle as a large truck with a dome on top of it. Oddly, it had a structure on it that resembled a stealth fighter jet. It can be surmised that this truck contained a control center for the retrieval of any crash debris or artifacts. Several vans followed the lead vehicle, as the convoy drove to their destination.
Hayes got close enough to see some of the occupants of the convoy. He described the men inside as not wearing military uniforms. The one man with whom he was able to make eye contact with was later parked outside of the KTOX station. Naturally, Hayes assumed he was being watched.
Knapp asked Hayes if the surveillance had a "men in black" feel to it, and Hayes answered by saying, "Absolutely. Very serious, serious as a heart attack."
Costigan often worked for Hayes as an investigator, and later that day the two met at the station. Costigan excitedly informed Hayes about the object he had seen crashing to the ground, and Hayes told Costigan about his "men in black" encounter.
Soon, the two men received additional witness corroboration when a man who lived on a houseboat on the river called in to tell them what he had seen that day. He watched the object as it crashed into the earth about 100 yards west of the river. It landed with a thud, and shortly thereafter, the helicopters arrived.
The man from the river also saw that one of the helicopters had a large hook attached, obviously to latch onto, and remove the object for investigation. He stated that the object was still glowing as it was taken away.
KTOX also received a call from a friend in Laughlin who told them that the Laughlin Airport had been recipient of the arrival of numerous planes of the "Janet" variety, the planes that take workers to Area 51.
Various inquiries has been made to various agencies, but so far, no one has confirmed the operation, or even the crash of the object.
Freedom of Information requests are in the process of being made, and if these efforts produce any additional information, I will add it to this report. We can always hope that someone in the chain of command will come forward, and give more information on this interesting turn of events.

wrong video link 08.Feb.2009 14:26


Truth is stranger than fiction. I'm not sure though but I think you included the wrong video. It has nothing to do with the article- which is interesting (if true). There's a lot that goes on in life that the general public knows nothing about. It's 'filtered out' by the corpo media because it doesn't fit in with the established belief system- and the perspective that they put forth. They control our concept of "what's real". They're still focused on pushing the phony "war on terror". There always has to be an enemy/scapegoat. I'm sure in the future it will be the fake "war on extraterrestrials". The reality we live in (forced on us) requires war because it's profittable. It's all about money. That's the agenda of the war machine. Fuck their version of "progess". It's not advanced in any way. It's destroying the planet. We should love others- not kill them because they're different. We learn and advance from diversity and grow from our contact with other cultures. There is NO FUTURE IN WAR. It's time to EVOLVE. Question authority and "reality" always-- it's how we move forward and evolve in a positive direction.

~ Peace
One LOVE  <3
One LOVE <3

related video 09.Feb.2009 11:32


New UFO Mystery Surfaces with George Knapp =>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3ySiksE7Ao&feature=related