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A New Direction for the U.S. Anti-War Movement - A Reply to ANSWER

solidarity with real revolutions
A New Direction for The U.S. Anti-War Movement - A Reply to Answer

by Cort Greene
Feb.6th, 2009

The March on the Pentagon on March 21st is a critical moment but not
for the reasons stated by ANSWER.The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are
entering a critical stage but their are even a more important issues
for the anti war movement to address such as a discussion of the
immediate and future prospects for revolutionary politics and a
realistic assessment of the the epoch we find ourselves in..

As the capitalist crisis enters the recession/depression stage on the
way to the abyss, it is imperative that we link up the struggles
being waged by the working class here and the emerging revolutions in
Latin America, especially in relation to Venezuela and the surge and
war now being conducted against the people of Pakistan also.

With the election of Obama we should not expect to see that their
will be made any structure change of the Empire by its accoutrement's
of power, either military, political or economic. Us policy, as in
the case of Venezuela is being conducted strategically and tactically
by using "asymmetrical" or known by some as " 4th generation warfare".
These actors and methods are being used because the US finds itself
pursuing a global stratagem under serve material limitations and is
isolated because of the lack of collaborator regimes and is finding
itself sinking even lower into a predicament of the quagmire in Iraq
and Afghanistan.

Under this flag, of the type war being now conducted against the
Bolivarian revolution, we find all kinds of actors and methods being

NGO's, civil organizations, hundreds of corporations from around the
world and others are using terrorism, disinformation and economic
sabotage and along with the traditional forces of counter-revolution,
CIA, MOSSAD and dozens of other intelligence agencies, who have been
waging a war against the heroic struggle of the workers and masses of
the revolution for 10 years if not longer.

In recent months the level of repression by the counter-revolutionary
interests and of the Empire have increased to a boiling point of
polarization not seen since the days of the" Little Caraciazo of 1989"
and the "Coup of 2002".

Death squads of the like of AUC - Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia and
others have now entered the picture to help disrupt the referendum
campaign for SI on February 15th.

But if such a program worked in Central and South America from the
1950's to the present, the US and the "grand coalition of the
opposition" have grossly miscalculated the inner vitality of the
revolution at this present time and as on many occasion's before.

I have confidence that the grassroots, the PSUV - Partido Socialista
Unido de Venezuela, and its allies in the upcoming referendum but more
needs to be done, the fight for socialism and the expropriations of
the banks, land and industry under workers control must take place in
order that the revolution completes itself .

From our side of the equation, the US anti- war movement and the
working class should throw all its support and resources into
supporting, creating awareness and solidarity from a true
internationalist perspective, of working class to working class in
relation to the Bolivarian and Latin America revolutions.

In Pakistan the US has been conducting a secret war for a very long
time through supporting and creating dictatorships and now even naked

A very wise Marxist I study has suggested that "all forces should
be at the the point of attack" at imperialism, at its weakest links
which are Pakistan and Venezuela. The US ant war movement
unfortunately as of this date , seems to want to conduct its struggle
against imperialism, in a region where the US has strong partners and
even some of the players who act as if they are against the Empire,
are tied foot and mouth to them.

Some leaders of the aforementioned movement have carried on in the
same manner for almost 75 years, becoming fellow-travelers by cow
tolling behind the Democratic Party. Capitalism and US imperialist

This demonstration and call by ANSWER to build from the grassroots, a
worthy endeavor in and of itself, is cynically being put forward in
order to once again insure their place "to be the leader of the

It seems to me, that as comrade Trotsky once said that " if leaders
seek only to be preserve themselves, that is what they become,
preserves, dried preserves".

We need a New Course for the US anti-war movement. I know many, who
have been doing solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution for some, 7
years, have become frustrated with those who constantly make the same
mistakes, use the same old worn ed out methods and who end up being
posers at best and who don't have the the interests of the working
classes and the revolution at heart.

I urge those, who issued this call, to reconsider their hidden
agenda's, work with others and create a new world by struggling
towards socialism, humanity and peace.

If this sounds of interest to you all, please contact:

 Frente.Rojo.Rojito@gmail.com and maybe we can start to put pressure on
this, and build
a real internationalist anti war movement.

We have no time to waste again.