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Benefit Screening of Invisible Chidlren

Join The Masaka School Fund for an informative and enlightening evening. We will be showing the powerful film, Invisible Children. $10 suggested entrance donation, but nobody will be turned away from lack of funds. We will also be conducting a raffle with some impressive prizes. All proceeds raised from this event will go to benefit primary-level education in the town of Masaka, Uganda.
In the spring of 2003, three young Americans trekked across Northern Uganda documenting the extreme levels of humanity, both good and evil, found in the midst of a 20-year civil war between the government and the rebel group Lord's Resistance Army. Shot in the villages, towns, and internally displaced camps of Acholiland, this film gives a voice to the otherwise voiceless children of this terrible conflict.
The Lord's Resistance Army has had a stronghold in the northern areas of Uganda, known by locals as Acholiland, since the early 1990's. They have been in continual violation of human rights and international law through the practice of abducting children from the nation's internally displaced camps to serve as soldiers. Rebel leader Joseph Kony is currently hiding in the bush of Uganda, evading arrest and transfer to the ICC in The Hague on charges of crimes against humanity.
Join us as we shed light on this amazingly little known story.

The following prizes will be raffled off to raise money for The Good Samaritan Primary and Secondary School in the district of Masaka, Uganda. Believing in education as a universal vehicle for empowerment, we saw a no more effective way to reach out the collective hand of our local community than to support the schoolchildren of Masaka, Uganda.
1. 100-level tickets to the Blazers v. Lakers game on April 10th
2. Weekend stay in Bend
3. Gift certificates to a variety of local businesses

WHERE: 1060 Chandler Rd., Lake Oswego, 97034 (Main floor of Christ Church Parish)
WHEN: Friday, February 13th, at 7pm
HOW: $10 suggested entrance donation. Raffle tickets are $10 each.
WHO: The Masaka School Fund can be reached at  masakaschool@me.com. You can also visit our brand new website  http://web.me.com/hilary.kehoe/Masaka_School/

Thanks! We hope to see you there!

homepage: homepage: http://web.me.com/hilary.kehoe/Masaka_School/
phone: phone: 971-404-1081