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Sam Adams - drowning in a sea of hypocrisy

I hate politicians as a general rule and never cared for Sam Adams but find myself now rooting for him. What's the old saying: "Judge a man by his enemies" - Anyone who has Lars Larson after him can't be too bad.
I am not a fan of Sam Adams. I didn't even want him to be mayor. Mainly, as he states in a recent Willamette Week article: He get's things done. I'm sure he'll be good at courting business and corporate interests that will bring more money, people and growth to Portland. This city will continue it's explosive growth and become more and more of a place I dislike. However, the "scandal" has made me feel like becoming a supporter of Mr. Adams. Maybe it's not so much that I support him as that I oppose his attackers. My utter disgust at the pack of wolves snapping at his heels has me actually feeling sorry for a politician - and I hate politicians.

The last straw for me was the sight of Liars Larson preaching morality to Mr. Adams and the city council. Are you kidding me? This neo nazi knucklehead whose very ideology is based on lies and man who mindlessly supports the policies of the uber rich who lie to acquire wealth and power on a daily basis actually has the nerve to judge Sam Adams? Hand me the barf bag.

Oh yeah, now there is a state criminal investigation, a "task force" is being put together to investigate the matter. Wow, there aren't enough resources to track down serial killers, rapists and murderers but somehow the police have found the manpower to investigate this "crime". Just how many times can they interview Breedlove about what happened? This is your tax dollars at work folks. Don't you feel secure knowing your boys in blue are on the job. Oh well, at least it will get some cops out of the donut shops for a while.

Then there are various players in this sordid story that I don't have the patience to list, I just want to point out that sanctimonious, self righteous windbags who pontificate about right and wrong when in truth they are political enemies using an issue to gain political advantages for themselves (or grab a little of the spotlight) need to heed the words of Jesus: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". And I don't even believe in Jesus.

Last but not least there is Breedlove himself. I don't know exactly what this young man's game is but this whole issue would have died if he had simply told anyone asking questions to **ck off. If he supports Sam Adams, as he claims, then he wouldn't be granting interviews, telling about men's room kisses and dropping hints that "maybe something happened". OK, if something happened then "SAY SO"! Either that or shut up and go away. Of course, then his 15 minutes of fame would go away and he certainly needs to milk that for all it's worth. There also have been hints of Mr. Breedlove having the basis of a lawsuit against the city. Hmmm... are we going to see Mr. Breedlove (with dollars signs in his eyes) crying about how used and abused he felt?

We live in a society obsesses over the details of the lives of vacuous pop celebrities so maybe I shouldn't be surprised when an insubstantial issue like this becomes "news", but I am still always amazed at the credulity of the public. This issue, like almost virtually everything in the media, is manufactered to keep you distracted and entertained while the real issues are buried in the background. Wake up.

Thank You 08.Feb.2009 18:18

Den Mark, Vancouver

Well-written. Thank you. Everything you said i could sign on to. This is a culture which trivializes the profound, & profoundizes the trivial. It's Upside-Down-Land.

. 08.Feb.2009 23:53


The economy is collapsing, millions will lose their jobs this year, the U.S. is bankrupt and it is likely there will be food shortages, fuel shortages and civil unrest. But of course this puritanical society, so obsessed with sex and how 'dirty' it is, will pay more attention to whether 2 people took off their clothes (BIG FUCKING DEAL) than the actual issues that are affecting our lives! egads!!