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a visionary's report: beyond fear: stretchings and practicings around pdx

In preparation for creative nonviolent actions planned in the next few months, this visionary got out beyond his fears of autonomous self-expression in the city, and played around with a spontaneous set of ideas, all beyond the usual imposed narrated "norms" of everyday settler/"citizen" existence.
....So, our visionary went out to this one corner in a part of town he had not hung out in in any truly meaningful way before, taking some of his art (originals and not), and proceeded to follow through with a suggestion made by an elder member of the local longtime community (now being displaced by "gentrification").

"The white-haired gentleman basically suggested that i take my art and show it, rite there in this middle-of-the-week evening and i followed through," our visionary said. Basically, he exited his usual "cave" life and "dared" to "hang out" a little more authentically.

"Actually, i got the notion while talking to another elder on the phone," he said, referring to a longtime friend in his 70s. "And i went out into the unknown of the night and spoke with him 'til my phone's battery went close to dead. When i returned to the area where my 'cave' is, there were a bunch of local oldtimers, holding autonomous space in a way that most folks of my ethnicity wouldn't 'normally' approach easily."

But they reminded him of some good ol' days in the past, and it wasn't long before our visionary's vibes went beyond the usual armored ways of streetfolks. "Being myself, and my old consciousness bubbling back up, i guess i reached a few of the gentlemen, tho one stayed aloof, even letting drift the word 'jackass' to where i heard it." Showing his "good" art also helped.

And to touch his heart "home", one of the elders firmly spoke of them all (including our visionary) being HUMAN BEINGS!

"Wow! So much more REAL than so many other places i've been!" our visonary exclaimed the next morning. He was plainly moved in a most deep way!

Real, with uncertain outcomes hanging just over the situation with those folks; but, after all, most of such would be due to being so heavily propagandized. I.e. against "streetfolks" and their alleged perpetual flailing by the systematic contextless media machine.

So our visionary went out and proceeded to put a bunch of his intentioned art down on the sidewalk(without a gallery and frames, and all that value system--including having nothing for sale) and began to experience passerby's vibes. Not many people were out, of course, and the method began to get "old" quickly.

"After awhile i came up with a somewhat wild idea: To put one of my color prints OVER my face, and just hold it there." That is, our visionary stood at a certain semi-busy urban intersection with the art over his face! "A lot of people slowed down, but i don't know if they could really see my art."

He fully expected the 5-0 to show up anytime, and soon. At least that's what the cops in his head were saying. I mean, here he was, standing, and kind of "hiding" behind one of his more wild art peices. Something that conveyed a vibe very different than anything most might ever expect! This was his intent, even tho it was completely spontaneous.

What would he have done? He was thinking of various responses, but was unsure of which he would use (stay tuned for tonight's report, perhaps written tomorrow for what may happen on this topic).

Various passerby were intrigueing, including one who "ran over" our visionary's art. But our visionary didn't take it personally and even saw the action as *additional artisitc input*!!!!

Later, a young lady happened by. She is a regular of local pow-wows, and she asked to use our visionary's phone. Well, he said it was already very low on its battery, but it still worked for her needs. After she was done she seemed so moved by our visionary's art and personality that she shared a rather deep 'poem' with him before parting.

The best part of the action for our visionary, personally, was that he was super-inspired to do a whole lot of new color art! Stuff he'll be posting on this site as soon as he scans it!

homepage: homepage: http://visionary4humanity.wordpress.com

Next few days' reports 08.Feb.2009 18:52

a. visionary

Well, decided not to go out in that part of town, the next day, after all. Instead went over to the Pearl area art thing, and for my first time explored it a little, and when I stumbled upon a place to show the art i had brought with me--placed directly on the concrete--in front of a gallery that was closed (aptly titled "the wandering gypsy"!), didn't hold back from speaking my mind. Thus i made various comments, such as to most who walked by without stopping: "Of course you HAVE TO walk by without looking! Because only APPROPRIATE art in galleries and in frames is ACCEPTABLE to look at!!"

Later on, the younger crowd showed up and we had quite a good time getting into deep critical discussions about the chicanery of the art world and other, broader topics. Definitely heretical stuff! And likely not what Pearl business types would prefer. Curiously, the owners of "the wandering gypsy" were okay with me being in front of their place at first, and then, about an hour or so later came out with a completely changed vibe. Perhaps they had overheard my insubordination to the gallery "scene" and my demystifying such tricks? I don't know, but the lady artist's guyfriend told me to move away, and even told me that the police would probably be by to move me along even more...A curious energy for those promoting the idea of "wandering gypsy", eh... But not surprising to me!

The next nite (Friday), however, i decided to go walking around touting my recent color art (inspired by the meeting of the gentlemen spoken of in the article above), this time articulating myself as the "Unauthorized Mobile Art Gallery". This tact was most enjoyable when i came up, completely spontaneously, to a small probably "hip" gallery which was having an exhibit oriented to robots. Humm... But they had an interesting bus parked outside...which used the word "bomb" in its bus-sign-thing, and it was supposed to be some sort of lounge. Me, i would have liked to see it made into a gallery itself! Complete with Secret Rooms where one would have to CRAWL into! Heh!

The folks hanging out at this gallery seemed to assume i was just another derelict-type, however, and notably showed a kind of patronizing disdain for me --until they actually looked at the one piece i was showing (telling them it wasn't for sale). A kinda fun way to interact with 'em!

Later, walking around further in this neighborhood i'd previously hurried through (like most everyone else called "White"), i had a few enlightening experiences; just the kind to move me past some of my prejudiced assumptions! Especially when i slowly approached two young Latino dudes. They were visibly moved, and we struck up a deeper-than-usual kind of interaction. Same with a "Black" dude who was waiting for a bus nearby. We all parted on an up-lifting note, while I didn't compromise my critical thinking approach at all!

Note: look on my visionary site next week for samples of the deeper-than-usual art. There's also some already up there too.