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Baby Bull Calves Need Homes!

Someone placed an ad in the Livestock section of the paper trying to give baby bull calves away free to good homes. Can you provide sanctuary?

If you have space where you live, please consider taking one or more baby calves to give them a good life that they deserve. In return, they will provide you with friendship and free organic fertilizer for your garden.
I have been unable to call the number, due to lack of phone (long story). However, someone placed an ad for free bull calves. It seems to me that it's very likely a dairy, since they are Holstein calves, and Holsteins are often used for dairy cows. If you are a vegan, chances are you already know this, but for those who don't, here's dairy 101: Cows give milk for a year or so after having a calf (sometimes longer, depending), and so when they start to dry up the farmer usually has the cows bred again. This makes for lots of calves. Female calves are usually raised and kept for milk cows. However, and this is the awful secret of the dairy industry, male calves are generally killed. Often, they are taken right from their mothers and imprisoned for their entire short lives in a veal crate, where they are unable to stand or turn around.

It looks to me like someone has a small dairy farm somewhere, and doesn't want to see the calves hurt. If you could provide sanctuary to one or more, please call this place before someone yucky does.

Here is the entire ad:

Free to good home
Holstein bull calves.
1 week old and up.

Call eves 503-543-2440