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PBS 'NOVA': "The Spy Factory"- More 911 Fairy Tales for the Obama Era

More manufactured BS from the PBS/Moyers Machine
Last night PBS gave us round two in their convoluted attempt to confuse America even more about the events of 911. The theme was the inpenetratable behemoth of government spying, the National Security Agency. In particular, their complete lack of co-operation with the FBI and CIA when it came to sharing information about AlQaeda operatives who were already in the USA. All students of 911 truth know that the NSA had the drop on the so-called "19 terrorists". They knew the main safe house in San Diego, knew their phone numbers, and had recorded ALL their phone conversations to AlQaeda headquarters in Yemen. In another words, the NSA knew all about the plans for 911, knew where the terrorists would be heading, etc. They had ALL phone numbers of ALL their contacts. The gist of the story is that the NSA refused to "share" this vital information with the Intelligence agencies who could have stopped Mohammed Atta & Co. The overall tone is that the NSA 'screwed up' somehaow. Everything just fell through "the cracks" because of a "culture of secrecy". But it's hard to hide the fact that two of the alleged planners were living only less than TWO MILES from the NSA's suburban Washington D.C. headquarters! They call this one "of the greatest ironies" of 911. Everything is a big surprising coincidence to PBS. It doesn't seem to occur to anyone that the NSA was RUNNING these so-called terrorists as AGENTS, patsies to be offered up in the great blood sacrifice to Mammon known as the 911 attacks. The reason for this program is obvious. Now that the Democrats have won the White House, a new front against 911 truth has emerged. As in the government assassination of JFK, continuation of the coverup is essential for long-term domestic harmony. Only the Obama/Bill Moyers crew is sharp enough to realize that the BS has to be sugar-coated in anti-government rhetoric if it's ever to really influence the liberal mindset now in ascendance. so it's basically, yes, AlQaeda did 911, and they got away with it because we were asleep at the wheel. But the show asks more questions than it ever answers despite it's disreputable origins. The evidence that the NSA witheld vital info is clear. The reasons why are not, and are certainly not clarified at all by this program. Students of 911 truth realize that the true answer to this question is that the NSA knew all about what was to happen on 911 because they were in on the whole thing. All this hand-wringing about "Falling between the cracks" is just so much hogwash masquerading as analysis. It also covers the CIA & FBI's ass. "Wasn't our fault. The NSA never told us" they whine. This NOVA episode was the first broadside in the new neo-lib anti-911 war on truth. Bill Moyers and the PBS NOVA crew may be the most dangerous "journalists" in the MSM universe right now. Dangerous to the truth that is..