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Valentine Bike-o-Grams are back!

Valentines by Bike are back for 2009! For $5 you can order a card and chocolate to be delivered to your friends and sweeties. Deadline for ordering is February 7th at 3 pm so hurry! Support your local women's music and arts festival!
This is your chance to send your friends and lovers a little note and sweet treat, while supporting Siren Nation. For $5, you can send your sweetie a special card designed by local artist Rebel Cricket, along with a vegan chocolate bar! On February 12, 13, and 14th, the Siren Nation cupids will take Portland by storm on their bikes delivering these valentines.

The deadline for ordering valentines is February 7th, by 3 pm, so don't delay! Go to sirennation.com to order online via our secure paypal account, or go to any of these order stations around town:

* In Other Word's Bookstore (8 B NE Killingsworth St)
* North Portland Bikeworks (3951 N. Mississippi Ave.)
* Community Cycling Center (1700 NE Alberta St.)
* Veloshop (211 SW 9th Ave)
* Citybikes Annex (734 SE Ankeny St)
* Food Fight Grocery (1217 SE Stark St.)


1. Deliveries will only happen between N. Lombard and SE Powell, E. 82nd Ave and NW 23rd Ave, plus the SW downtown and PSU areas. If you are unsure whether your address falls within these boundaries, please email  valentinesbybike@yahoo.com before you submit your order.
2. Deliveries will happen on February 12th, 13th, and 14th at any time. We are unable to accommodate requests for specific delivery times or days-so please make sure that your address has an accessible mailbox or dropbox to leave the valentine if the recipient is not there.
3. Questions? Email us at  valentinebybike@yahoo.com. Thanks!!

homepage: homepage: http://www.sirennation.org