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Only One Day Left to Submit Comments on the Palomar Pipeline

The Liquefied Natural Gas Palomar Pipeline proposal is illegal. For it to cross Mt. Hood National Forest it would break some of the most important environmental rules we have protecting our forests and watersheds.
Current proposed LNG pipe line crossing of Clackamas River
Current proposed LNG pipe line crossing of Clackamas River
But that doesn't stop Palomar.
It will just get the rules changed. But while the energy industry may be used to the federal government doing back flips for them, it is time that they realize that Oregonians are a different story.

Alex Brown, Executive Director for the Forest Advocacy group Bark says, "In my ten years of working to protect Mt. Hood National Forest I have never seen anything as short-sighted, greedy, and destructive as the Palomar Pipeline proposal."

You only have one more day to submit your official comments and do your part to stop a 47-mile clearcut through our forests, rivers, trails...and Oregonians' backyards.
Please make a difference for Mt. Hood National Forest today.

Right now, the Forest Service has an open public comment period asking for input on the changes to these protections in Mt. Hood National Forest and we only have until tomorrow, Wednesday, February 4th, to weigh in on why special treatment for liquefied natural gas (LNG) development is not acceptable across our state icon. Click here to send a message to the Forest Service and make your voice heard today!

For more information please visit www.bark-out.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.bark-out.org

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