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After the Meltdown: Econmic Redisgn for the 21st Century - David Korten

"The task before us is to replace the culture and institutions of a twentieth-century economy designed and managed to serve financial values with the culture and institutions of a new twenty-first-century economy designed to serve life values.."
"As we consider the need for bold initiatives by visionary leaders, we must also keep in mind the deeper questions that rarely find their way into political debates or public discourse: What is the source of true happiness and well-being? What is the purpose of economic life? What does it mean to be human on a living spaceship with finite resources? What is the human role in the great drama of evolution's continued unfolding?

These are deeply spiritual questions that call us to an epic quest of discovery and the great work of redesigning our societies to bring forth the world of our shared human dream. There is a need for people of faith to step forward to make these questions a part of our public conversation through initiatives such as the Network of Spiritual Progressives and through our churches, synagogues, mosques, and our other religious and spiritual institutions.

David Korten, author of When Corporations Rule the World and The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community, is co-founder & board chair of YES! Magazine and a board member of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. See davidkorten.org.

David Korten's latest book is "Agenda for a New Economy." To read his article, visit

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