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The Let Live Series Presents Confronting Classroom Cruelty

How to Help Animals and Create an Ethical and Inclusive Learning Environment With Justin Goodman
The Let Live Series Presents Confronting Classroom Cruelty: How to Help Animals and Create an Ethical and Inclusive Learning Environment With Justin Goodman

Portland, OR, February 22, 2009 Did you know cats are one of the most frequently dissected animals in student laboratories in the United States? It is estimated over 100,000 cats are dissected in high school classrooms each year, and many more being used in colleges and universities across the country.

Classroom dissection, once considered the practice tool of choice for learning anatomy, physiology and the theory of evolution, has exposed greater questions of ethics and cruelty in the classroom. With a notable scientific shift to studying animals in their natural environment, and the advent of sophisticated learning tools, many question: how can we stop dissection in schools?

Justin Goodman, Research Associate Supervisor in the Laboratory Investigations Department at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), will explore these questions and more. As a graduate student, Goodman was instrumental in the campaign to end the use of primate experimentation at the University of Connecticut Health Center. At PETA, Goodman's focus is on the use of animals in education. Through his efforts, many schools and medical centers across the country have successfully adopted humane, non-animal learning methods.

The Confronting Classroom Cruelty presentation featuring Justin Goodman will be held on February 22, 2009, at 2p.m. at Portland State University in Room 238 of the Smith Memorial Union Building. Admission is free. The Let Live Series is a monthly series of speakers, workshops and social events dedicated to promoting animal rights activism and education in Portland, Oregon. Sponsored by the Let Live Foundation, Vegans for Animal Advocacy, Food Fight Grocery and Herbivore Magazine. Questions? Visit our website www.letlivefoundation.org or feel free to send us a message at  info@letlivefoundation.org Thanks!

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It's better than.... 02.Feb.2009 07:55


...just dumping the bodies in the trash behind your local store. Millions of cats are destroyed every year for no other reason than they are homeless. Stop the breeding....stop the killing (PeTA).