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Video: Community Response to Economic Crisis

In part to advertise the Economic Town Hall which took place today, January 31, 20079, I was fortunate to bring one of the Plenary speakers on the Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," on the evening before.
Martin Hart-Landsberg talks at length about the many causes of the crisis, stating that they are part of our social system, rather than something as simple as a housing bubble or recent examples of corporate greed.

Our government and the Media lead us to believe that if we can repair conditions which brought about the "recession," we could then continue on from there and be in good shape. But the truth of the matter is that the social and financial conditions which culminated in this debacle go much further back and are actually at the root of our Capitalistic system itself.

Martin explains how we arrived at this place and what it will take to repair the damage. He says that Obama must be bold and that his stimulus package is far too small and lacking in the vision necessary to bring this country back to prosperity.

With a handful of graphs and a wealth of information, Landsberg skillfully demonstrates many of the components of the problem, most of which you won't hear about on Corporate Media reports. Big Surprise, as they have been gorging themselves on this errant and increasingly top heavy economy.

Much of what Martin says on the program formed the foundation of his presentation at the First Unitarian Church the next afternoon. This event was well covered by independent and community media, so please continue to watch this news wire for continuing reports.

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