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Solidarity with the Palestinians and the Greek Anarchists and Anti-Authoritarians

This article gives an overview of the global recession, and how it ties into the right-wing, capitalist states of Israel and Greece. It discusses the way that these two governments' ties to the multinational corporations leave people living in dire poverty, and even inspire the genocide of the Palestinians. It also mentions the neoliberal economic advisors of Barack Obama, and the ways that these advisors will only further destroy the international economy and the ecosystem of the earth.
Solidarity with the Palestinians, Greek Anarchists and Anti-Authoritarians, and Others Living within the Current Global Economy
by Julia Smedley

The most recent and most bloody "offensive" against the Palestinians actually started at the beginning of December 2008, in the West Bank city of Hebron, where Jewish militants attacked Palestinians and the Israeli Army and Police just stood by and watched it happen. Violence against the Palestinians spread throughout the West Bank, and Israeli Prime Minister Olmert referred to these actions as a "pogrom" for the Jews (where Jewish settlers use violent means to "homestead" Palestine and take ALL of the land for themselves). Nonviolent protesters in Ramallah and other cities have been faced with gas, and rubber coated and steel bullets for their efforts, fired by Israeli soldiers hiding behind steel blocks.

The state of Israel cannot be satisfied with the fact that they have the highest standard of living on earth; nor can they settle for a spacious nation-state that can easily accommodate the people who live there. There are a ridiculous amount of capitalist countries that provide them with military equipment to carry out their genocide against the Palestinians, including the United States and Greece. The US is supposedly engaged in negotiating a cease-fire in this area, but their actual plan with Israel is to increase control over the Palestinians, where the people are deprived of almost any means for fighting back. The Gaza Strip is the most densely populated land on earth, and the Palestinians just keep getting pushed into camps with no remaining infrastructure: no water, food, medical supplies, or any other way to meet their basic needs.

Israel's interest in taking the Gaza Strip for themselves is almost entirely motivated by their desire to take ALL of the oil in offshore drilling rigs in this area. The offensive against the Gaza Strip was planned months in advance, and after this Israel negotiated with a British Oil Corporation (BG Group) to channel an undersea pipeline from these offshore rigs directly into the Israel seaport of Asukelon. The military occupation of Gaza is intent upon transferring the sovereignty of the gas to Israel. Israel seems intent upon the genocide of the Palestinians. No Palestinians = No Palestine.

The only possible explanation for the atrocities committed by Israel is the ideology of capitalism, and its unquenchable thirst for more resources and more consumer goods, which also obviously means the destruction of the earth's ecosystem. This ideology has a complete lack of concern for the people who get destroyed or totally impoverished in pursuit of these goals. Israel is obviously deeply steeped in this ideology, as is Greece, and many other capitalist nation-states around the world, including, of course, the United States.

The people of Greece live under a right-wing, capitalist government, which is under the control of the multinational corporations, and leaves the people of Greece in dire poverty, where they can't pay their rent or even find places to live. The people there have been educating themselves and organizing for years to protest this situation, and they have been faced with anti-terrorist measures, social control, crack-downs on resistance, mass arrests, and targeted assassinations by the Greek government. While they do seem to have hope for making change due to their tenaciousness and bravery in continuing to organize, the Palestinians do not appear to have the same opportunities. They do protest however they can, and they are inspired by the activists in Greece who support them and try to prevent Greek arms shipments from arriving in the Gaza Strip for the Israeli military.

These situations are linked together. People who are losing due to the global recession need to band together and FIGHT BACK, through demonstrations (lots of them), and by sharing information (for example, on sources like Indymedia.org). We need to recognize our commonalities, rather than letting those in power drive us apart by having us compete over resources. There is plenty of food on earth to feed everyone, and if we didn't live with the lies and propaganda of capitalism, we would see that we could work together to insure that every person on this planet has a meaningful quality of life. This is not a utopian ideal: it could actually be realized by reframing the problems of the global "recession."

Unfortunately, Barack Obama has hired entirely "neoliberal" economic advisors to "advise" him of policies intended to address the "recession." Obama has claimed that he wants to strengthen the core of the federal government, through massive infrastructure overhaul; universal healthcare; and higher taxes for the wealthier people (to help redistrubute the wealth in a country that has an unbelievable dispartity between the rich and the poor). For these kind of goals, his opponents label him as a "socialist," and they try to slander him in this way. These people who do the slandering are the wealthy and the corporations, who fear losing their unbelievable power and positions of privilege under what George W. Bush left us with - a failing, deregulated economy that caters to the rich and the corporations to give them the ability to do whatever they please.

This is probably the reason that Obama has appointed all neoliberal economic advisors (such as his head of the economic council, Lawrence Summers, who served as chief economist of the World Bank in the 1990s. Summers, along with the IMF, threatened to withhold a $1.5 billion dollar loan to Russia under Boris Yeltsin, unless Russia abided by a structural adjustment program that demanded "privatization, stabilization, and liberalization" for international corporations that wanted to get into the "free market" under Boris Yeltsin. This ended in catastrophic results: 72 million Russians were seriously impoverished as a result of this policy over the course of 8 years).

The neoliberal economic advisors that Obama has appointed have goals that stand in stark contrast to the ideals Obama has laid out. Obama is stuck within a rock and a hard place: he is now heavily implicated in an insidious political system that is deeply entrenched in international capitalism. The Third World is continually impoverished by structural adjustment programs, unregulated factories, and a "foreign policy" that is invested in wiping out any dissent against capitalism. This is one of the ways that George W. Bush gutted the US economy - defense spending to destroy people around the world who rise up against privatization of their industries, structural adjustment programs which wipe out social welfare and leave people impoverished, as well as many other aspects of international capitalism. These wars no longer create a "boom" economy in the US. They drive us into a national debt that is currently sending us into one of the worst economic disasters in history.

Obama has inherited this position from George W. Bush, and if he truly takes his advice for dealing with the recession from his currently appointed economic advisors, absolutely *nothing* will change - in the US, or in most other places. Obama needs to fire these economic advisors and bring in people whose experiences and goals are more consistent with his stated vision. This a difficult thing to do: he could be targeted by the multinational corporations, and other powerful organizations who do *not* want to see his vision for empowering the working and middle class realized. This threat from the multinational corporations is undoubtedly why he hired these economic advisors, but given the records and credentials of these advisors, and the damage they have already accomplished around the world, they need to be stripped of their power and ignored at this point. They have already had decades to destroy the world economy and ecosystem with their "visions" of a world where the market is free and the people are in chains. We cannot allow them the voice or power to destroy the world and its people anymore than they already have.

So let's hope Obama gains the courage to accomplish this, soon. How can he gain this courage? By hearing the voices of the majority of the world's people crying out for real change, and an end to the misery brought on by international capitalism. These economic advisors have no desire to see the change Obama claimed he wanted during the primaries, and it would be tragic to stand by and watch Barack Obama get sucked into a system that simply gives more and more to the rich, while constantly increasing the number of people who are unemployed and living in poverty in the United States, and elsewhere.

The kind of change that we want can probably best be accomplished by working together from the grassroots, to ensure more equality, more freedom, and more democracy for everyone on this planet. The stakes are high, and the people in power will not give up their unbelievable privilege easily, but we have the numbers behind us, without a doubt.


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