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Wildlife Hell In New York State

Hunters using dog packs to pursue and kill foxes and coyotes in New York State are accused of using trapped animals to train their hounds to kill.
It is legal in New York to hunt with packs of hounds, and some of these hunters are trapping foxes and coyotes, staking them down or shooting them, in the legs by choice, to "slow them down," then turning their dogs on them, according to the website coyoteinfo.typepad.com ( http://coyoteinfo.typepad.com/). Photos posted on coyoteinfo show captive animals being attacked and killed by hounds. Comments by hunters, also posted on the site, describe penning, attaching heavy drags or wounding as other ways to insure their dogs will make a kill.

A New York wildlife officer said that such actions would be illegal, noting that to transport a live game animal was against the law. She said licensed trappers had to either kill or release animals caught in their traps. She made no comment on the morality of this kind of animal abuse, but did go on to add that it might be permissible on a licensed game farm. She said she was not aware of any in her region, however. There are a few licensed pens in New York where hunting dogs are released to run down and kill captive coyotes and foxes, who cannot escape. These pens are used to train the dogs and are also used for events called "races" where prizes are given. One website, apparently from Iowa ( http://www.rapidcreekridgekennels.20m.com/), gives an overview of the sport.

Hunting with packs of dogs who tear their prey apart is widely condemned by animal and wildlife groups and many hunting associations. The use of captive, injured, restrained, starved, and exhausted animals who cannot possibly escape or fight off their attackers is clearly beyond any standards of "sport" or ethical hunting. The fact that in many cases these coyotes and foxes have also endured the agony and horror of being trapped in snares and leg-hold traps before being ripped apart makes it even more repulsive. That these so-called hunters are permitted free rein to indulge in their sadistic amusement is a great shame to those states that permit it, including New York.

Graphic Evidence 31.Jan.2009 10:57

Taz Alago catchalot@livemail.com

These photos are hard to look at but necessary to show what exactly this "sport" is.

These guys are monsters! 31.Jan.2009 12:41

Michael Vick jnmered@yahoo.com

These guys make Michael Vick look like a choir boy! I can't believe that they wound coyotes like that so their dogs can chew them up. The link to the coyote info page is eral eye opening and full of excellent information- thank you! What can we do to stop this abuse and torture of wildlife?I read with interest on that forum from Iowa how upset that one hunter was that someone shot his dog. Yet he can go out and not only shoot, but torture coyotes by shooting them in the legs so they can't escape the attack of his hounds? That sounds like a psychopath to me. If these guys couldn't be torturing wildlife, I am very afraid to think of what they would be doing - going after women and children?

New York State

A coyote in wolf clothing? 31.Jan.2009 15:05

West coast city slicker

Admittedly I am just a city slicker but the photos being shown look more like a wolf rather than a coyote. Could this be? Size is not what I associate with coyotes unless they grow them bigger on the east coast.

What to do? 02.Feb.2009 08:24

Taz Alago tazalago@live.com

If you're from NY, download the photos, print them and send them with a covering letter to your state rep and to your newspaper. You should also contact coyoteinfo at  coyotesrgood@yahoo.com. I guess even if you're from out-of-state it wouldn't hurt to do the same. These are photos of coyotes, not wolves. Their size varies according to different environments.