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Domestic Spying at the 2008 Republican Convention

A pointer and link to an official analysis of pre-convention
activist activty and plans for the 2008 convention.
Stop Resisting!
Stop Resisting!
A very good ref 2008 RNC demonstrations can be found here


Notice the use of social networking charts and associative
analysis used to determine nodes and persons of interest.

Also note, the extensive monitoring and exploitation of open-source
web-pages, email lists and affinity group relationships.

This is a very important document for the defense in the trial of the
RNC-8  http://rnc8.org/about/ and should be examined by activist groups
to develop effective counters and defenses.

Social networking analysis is a powerful but flawed technique if used
in isolation.

The creation by a core activist group of multiple "front" or
false affinity groups can be very effective in adding linkages
which do not exist.

The other groups can then be blamed for actions, used as
mis-information platforms, and provide other avenues for maskirovka
Russian for "The Deception") operations.

homepage: homepage: http://dailyblackbook.org

Networking ...the Network 31.Jan.2009 09:07

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com

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and Walks with Truth ...

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Treat He ...

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For When Everyman does the Right Thing, He
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-Tracy Mapes

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