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Leonard Peltier returns to USP Lewisburg

According to a communiqué issued by his support organization, he has been released into the general population at USP Lewisburg, and welcomed back not only by brothers but by all of the prisoners
Due to YOUR actions, 64-year old Leonard Peltier has left USP Canaan, where he underwent a savage, unprovoked attack by gang members upon his arrival there (verified by video evidence), and has been transferred back to USP Lewisburg.

While this is a respite from the unacceptable failure on all fronts at the Canaan facility, where very soon after his arrival there earlier this month he was attacked, and for which failure to provide for his safety, the facility's solution was to place him in solitary, in the hole, further compromising his diabetic condition with one meal per day and indifference toward his dietary and medical needs and condition following the assault.

His family and Nation (the Turtle Mountain band of the Chippewa Indians) continue to press for his transfer to a USP facility that makes it less of a hardship for his kin to visit him, or to place him in the custody of his tribe for the remainder of his sentence.

In all of this, Peltier's conviction is tainted and flawed and attempts to open fair review and appeal, with access to evidence in Federal custody continues to be vigorously fought and withheld by the Federal law enforcement authorities. The US government has never proven that Peltier is guilty of the acts for which he has been in prison for 33 years.

YOUR support and actions are still needed. More details on this breaking news and support actions YOU can take to free Leonard Peltier can be found at the link: