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Economic Crisis Town Hall Program Announced

The Town Hall on the Economic Crisis is coming up this Saturday, January 31st at the First Unitartian Church at 1011 SW 12th Avenue in Portland. Doors open at 12:30pm and the Town Hall starts at 1pm.
Economic Crisis Town Hall Program

12:30 - Doors Open

1:00 - 2:30 - Understanding the crisis - Marty Hart-Landsberg, Professor of Economics, Lewis and Clark College
Making a new vision a reality - Veronica Dujon, Associate Professor of Sociology, Portland State University

2:45 - 4:00 - Breakout sessions (see below)

4:15 - 5:00 - Working together - Building a movement
Barbara Dudley - Assistant Professor of Political Science, Portland State University
Tom Leedham - Secretary Treasurer, Teamsters Local 206
David Bacon - Labor Journalist
JoAnn Bowman - Executive Director Oregon Action

5:00 - 6:00 - Food and Reception


Building a Green Economy - We have a historic opportunity to rebuild our economy into one that is green and sustainable; one that creates millions of good paying jobs and also addresses climate change and fossil fuel use. How do we do this? And how do we ensure that those historically left out are able to prosper in this new green economy? Session Leaders: Barbara Byrd, Oregon Apollo Alliance and Oregon AFL-CIO; Jeremy Hays, Green for All.

Health Care - Our health care system costs much more than the universal systems in Canada, Europe and Japan. And yet, millions of Americans are without health care. How do we break out of this system and create one that provides universal health care for all? Session leaders: Dana Welty, Oregon Nurses Association and Jobs with Justice; Tom Leedham, Secretary/Treasurer Teamsters

Local Alternatives to the Corporate Economy - A partnering and caring economy is the backbone of healthy community. Join us as we explore alternative models, existing networks and new ways to facilitate economic exchange in our community. Session Leaders: Brush, Tryon Life Community Farm; Tim Calvert, City Bikes; Real Wealth of Portland; Rebecca Hyman, writer and professor.

Rebuilding the Safety Net - What remains of our local and national safety nets is disappearing. Come learn where the holes are and how to step in to help build inclusive and just safety nets. Session leaders: Verna Porter, Alliance Retired Americans; Varner Seaman, Sisters of the Road; Susan Stoltenberg, Impact NW; Janet Hawkins, Multnomah County Commission on Children, Families and Community.

Strengthening Our Democracy - Making democracy work. Reflections on successful campaigns to effect change and brainstorming on new efforts that could lie ahead. The brass tacks of moving the progressive agenda at city, state and federal levels. Session leaders: David Delk, Alliance for Democracy; Jody Wiser Tax Fairness Oregon.

The Economic Crisis in Oregon - The national unemployment rate is 7.2%, Oregon's is 9%, and Oregon's revenues are plunging. Must public services be cut? What alternatives are presented? Can a safety net for the most vulnerable be constructed? How can we increase state revenues? Session Leaders: Mike Leachman, Oregon Center for Public Policy; Melissa Unger, SEIU 503.

Ending Militarism, and Promoting a Peace and Development Foreign Policy - Vast military expenditures, creating nothing useful, sap the real economy, and a foreign policy based in carrying and using military force requires ever greater military budgets. How extensive is the damage, and how can the swords be beaten into plowshares? Session Leaders: Will Seaman, Portland Peaceful Response; Katia, American Friends Service Committee. Room Buchan

"Push Me" Said Obama to Progressives: But How? - The most powerful forces in US life want economic recovery, but on their terms. They will resist any program that fundamentally challenges their power and profits. What will it take to win programs that really change the system and redistribute wealth and power? In organizing around the economic crisis, how can we build the broad and united movement required? Session Leaders: Johanna Brenner, Sociology and Women's Studies at Portland State; Kevin Van Meter, Dicentra Collective; Jason Sheckler, Cross-Trade Solidarity Network. Room

Global Justice - Debt Cancellation for Us and the World, a Just Response to the Global Debt Crisis - In the global perspective, the US will be joining the ranks of debtor nations that have been living with the consequences of large debt for years. Join this panel to explore the need to organize politically to deal with the banking system from a position of strength. Session leaders: Patricia Rumer, Jubilee USA national board; Paul Thiers, Professor, Washington State University; David Carrier, Economist, Jubilee Oregon; Bob Brown, Jubilee Oregon co-chair.

Why Unions? - We will look at the 30-year assault on the right to organize unions and the role of this attack in causing the economic crisis. Is the time for unions over? Do workers still want and need to form unions? Discuss how the landmark campaign to reform labor law called the Employee Free Choice Act is key to getting out of the economic crisis. Session leaders: Jeanne Carpenter, Laborers Local 483; Ben Nelson, Laborers International Union; Andrea Townsend, Jobs with Justice.

Stopping the Global Race to the Bottom - "Free trade" pacts like NAFTA and the WTO have devastated working families on both sides of the border and have caused huge displacement of people. They also mandated the financial services deregulation responsible for much of the recent economic collapse. What opportunities exist to get rid of these failed trade policies? How can we work together to enact new trade policies that actually improve living standards for working people in Oregon and around the globe? Session leaders: David Bacon, Labor Journalist; Arthur Stamoulis, Oregon Fair Trade Campaign.

Housing - Housing is a right stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, yet in the U.S. close to 100 million people are without adequate housing. With increasing foreclosures and a worsening economy, that number will grow. What can we do to work toward housing security? Session Leaders: Reverend Renee Ward; Phil Goldsmith, National Lawyer Guild; Michael Anderson, Oregon Opportunity Network; Angela Martin, Our Oregon.

Uniting Across Racial and Ethnic Divides - A fight for economic justice requires us to be united. However, the economy enforces barriers along racial and ethnic lines that are difficult to cross. We need to understand these barriers and learn ways to overcome them. Find out how people in our community are starting to build much needed bridges. Session leaders: Kayse Jama, Center for Intercultural Organizing; Judith Mowry, Office of Neighborhood Involvement; Romeo Sosa, VOZ Workers' Rights Education Project.

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