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Clear Cutting Boy Scouts

I found this article on SF Gate - owned by Hearst. I presume the Gannet-owned Oregonian won't pick it up. Nor will any local mainstream media outlet.

(01-29) 20:11 PST -- For nearly a century, the Boy Scouts of America have proudly described themselves as campside conservationists, good stewards of the land.

"The Boy Scouts were green before it was cool to be green," said national spokesman Deron Smith.

But in recent decades, local Boy Scout councils around the nation have ordered clear-cutting or other high-impact logging on tens of thousands of acres of forestland they own, often in a quest for a different kind of green: cash.

But wait, there's more... 30.Jan.2009 18:02


Here's a Seattle PI report on how Boy Scouts of America is selling off lands for development: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/specials/scoutslogging/398086_development30.html