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Feb 5th is a US Border Patrol Recruiting Event at the Double Tree in Portland

Looks like a high powered event. NASCAR might be there. I bet they'll have free pens.
U.S. Border Patrol is holding a recruiting event in Portland. For those interested in that sort of thing, here is the location and time...

February 5, 2009
Embassy Suites Portland-Airport
7900 NE 82nd St.
Portland, OR 97220
9:00am to 3:00pm

Here is what they are looking for...

The most successful agents are those who do more to excel ... do more through studying, do more through training, do more through a variety of assignments. There are plenty of opportunities to excel as a Border Patrol Agent, but first you have to seize the opportunity by joining now! Here is who we are looking for:

* Independent thinkers who can work alone
* Team players who everyone knows can be relied on
* People who take personal responsibility for everything they do
* People who believe in America and want to protect it

I think we qualify for that. I believe in America. I wonder if we have the same politics. Do you have to get a crew cut?

Feb 5 is this .. 29.Jan.2009 23:10

Strop Racism


link to map for location