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Time to stop the Obama worship!

The economic news caused most people to forget about Iraq.

I'm afraid the Obama coronation has caused the rest of us to forget.
Everyone I talk to seems to worship Obama. "He said he'd close Guantanamo", well, did Mr. Obama say when? did he say if the folks held illegally there would ever see a fair trial or just be relocated to another place?

Obama attacked Pakistan last Friday, and killed civilians.

Why is Gates still Secretary of Defense? He and the rest of the previous administration need to be subjected to criminal investigations.

Our work has just started.

As for myself, I am cautiously hopeful that we may have a government who will now listen to the demands of the people. The people (us) seem pretty quiet right about now. I guarantee the "defense" contractors who sold the fancy radio controlled plane which hit Pakistan are speaking loud and clear. They made a lot of money and want more.

We need to speak up louder than the merchants of death.

Please, at least call or write your representative in congress and both our senators. For starters ask them why we are still sending unmanned drones to kill and maim people in Pakistan.

Hey Fred 29.Jan.2009 23:34

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Thanks Fred

Good suggestions, perceptions, and encouragement.

If it makes ya feel any better not everybody is talking worship.
I am seeing some discussions on a vast array of points and positions, but I hear what you are saying.

Did I call him and thank him for his GITMO closing position.
Yes I called him the first I heard (got voicemail) but I thanked (not worshiped) him.
(you do raise excellent points on this)

I actually didn't vote for him ...(lets be clear it wasn't McCain either)

The point I'm trying to make is two fold ...

1. thanks for the topic and discussion, there is many, many topics on the table ALL of them are important, we all need encouragements, reminders, and watchdogs.
2. you're not alone... quite as it seems, many of us are poised and still at the helm

In solidarity
Joe Anybody

Fuck The Corporate Media
Fuck The Corporate Media

Obama's tanking on Palestine, too 30.Jan.2009 09:57


And let's not forget Obama's lack of outrage, or even criticism, against the Israeli massacres in Gaza.

Even though George Mitchell has already been sent to the Middle East as a special envoy, one gets the sense that Obama is being led around the region and guided in his approach by AIPAC, Israel and the like.

Nothing he's done yet amkes me feel hopeful about a just approach to the Palestine conflict.

Obama Zombies 01.Feb.2009 18:27


Obama win causes obsessed backers to see how empty lives are  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3_95F5e-Ac