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Sanders Votes No on Geithner: “He’s] More of a Part of the Problem…Than the Solution”

"(W)hat came out of the House is not only a huge investment in our infrastructure, a huge investment in energy, we're talking about billions of dollars are going to protect our most vulnerable Americans, significant increase in food stamps and other programs.."
"Certainly, the Bush administration has been horrendous, in terms of their deregulatory fever, their belief that if we just give these guys on Wall Street, whose whole life is based on greed, we take away all regulations so that somehow or another they're going to do the right thing and create prosperity for all Americans. I think you've got to be pretty off the wall to believe that. But I have to say, it was not just Alan Greenspan and Phil Gramm and George Bush who hold that view. There were many people in the Clinton administration who held that view, as well. So I have had some concerns, and that's why I voted against Geithner.."

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