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Jeff Monson on Free Radio Olympia Tonight - 8pm

Anarchist Jeff Monson's situation.
Hi everyone,

I'm sure many of you have heard about what Jeff Monson has been up to lately - he's been in the news a lot. A few months ago, he and I were interviewed by ESPN Magazine that featured an article on him and his political beliefs as an anarchist. For those who don't know Jeff he's an anarchist, a member of the IWW and an ultimate cage fighter/professional fighter. There was a picture of him in the ESPN magazine standing at the Washington state capitol building at night near an anarchist circle-A that was tagged on the building. He's being charged because of that picture and the same prosecutor who helped convict and sentence Forest Student to 60 days for crimes that Forest did not commit on May Day last year is on Jeff's case as well. (I have a hunch that that prosecutor doesn't like anarchists too much.) NLG lawyer Legrande Jones is representing Jeff.

However, something happened last week in the Carolinas that landed Jeff in jail. Jeff and his girlfriend had a dispute and Jeff was taken into custody and charged with domestic violence (she told The Olympian newspaper that Jeff grabbed her). I was very upset when I heard this and concerned for her safety and wellbeing. Jeff is back in Olympia and I just got off the phone with him. He claims that he never touched her and told me he's a pacifist and would never do such a thing. Apparently, there are other things The Olympian didn't mention in their reporting on the incident.

I don't want to speak too much about this. I would like to get more information from all sides of the story.

However, Jeff was given an opportunity to speak for himself by a dj on Free Radio Olympia 98.5FM. There will be a live interview of Jeff tonight, Thursday the 29th at 8:00pm (Pacific Standard Time). You can tune in on the radio if you live in or nearby Olympia or you can visit FRO on the web (www.frolympia.org) and listen live from there. I'm not sure but there may be an opportunity for call-in questions.

In struggle,

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