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Oregon Economic Development Policy Recommendations

Reviews current national economic conditions, and makes recommendations for State economic policy. Recommends: raising business taxes, establishing a state funded citizen owned economic development corporation, and enforcing a new climate of corporate and business responsibility.
Where is the economy, and where is it headed? Dick in the dirt, and six feet under?

This last year has witnessed the public collapse and complete public abandonment of the "free market capitalist" system. The Federal Reserve is buying bad debt all over the place from failing banks. The Federal Government is bailing out banks and corporations, mailing checks to the citizenry, and running "deficits" so far in excess of what any rational entity could ever engage in that the accounting has really ceased to matter.

The people are suffering from historically low income levels, insecure employment, a dearth of social services, and inflated prices for the essentials of life such as housing, food, and fuel (for the moment this problem has been alleviated). Meanwhile, the people's government is giving their money to banks, so that banks can lend that money back to the people, and the people are being asked to pay interest to banks for the privilege of borrowing their own money.

The question at this point of our nation's economic development is not between capitalism and socialism, or between private enterprise and public planning. The question is really between rationality and the continuation of an obscene and insane system.

Increase business taxes sharply:

An increase in business taxes would overwhelming target foreign corporations that are extracting profits from our State, while encouraging the growth of and investment in local businesses.

Form a legitimate State funded economic development corporation:

Rule Number One: if the tax payers pay for it, the tax payers own it. Scrap or severely pare back funding for Oregon Innovation Council, ETIC, and other welfare agencies for dubious private sector enterprises, and give that money to a citizen owned economic development corporation. Corporate welfare squirreled away in other nooks an crannies, such as at universities, should also go on table. Give a single non-transferable voting share in this corporation to every single citizen of the State.

Reform corporate and business culture:

This is not a laissez-faire society. There are rules. If you are violating those rules, there will be consequences. That message needs to be heard loud and clear throughout our State.


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