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kboo raising money

It's Pledge Drive time again. Have you joined? Come down to 20 SE 8th and party down with us.
KBOO celebrates FORTY YEARS of community non-profit broadcasting! We don't get a cent from big corporations, nor a dime from the Guvmint, so join up if you like people's radio (after you've contributed to portland indymedia. of course).

To promote bkoo.fm usage, I'm offering a free gift to everyone--whether you join or not; pull up kboo.fm/presswatch to get a free chapter of my book every weekday. It's a fun book, it got a good review in the Alliance, and it's available for nothin' at all. It's called "JEEZUS!" and it's a parody of "Left Behind," the fundamentalist rapture fantasy that has imprisoned the minds of millions. Okay, it's more of a loose satire of "Left Behind." Anyway, it's a good light read, I promise.