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Free Palestine! Speak Out Against the Massacre in Gaza!

Meeting tomorrow night
Thursday, January 29th, 7:15pm. Portland State University Smith Center Room 101
Are you outraged at Israel's war path through Gaza? Who wouldn't be at the senseless destruction, loss of innocent life, the targeting of schools and mosques, the use of horrific chemical weapons such as white phosphorus, the razing of not only homes but whole neighborhoods and cities... It's an immeasurable catastrophe.

This conflict raises questions of local, national, and international significance. In order for our movement to be effective and to grow wide and strong, we must come together to learn and exchange ideas.

Featured Speakers:
Waddah Sofan, Students United for Palestinian Human Rights
Hala Gores, Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights
Jenka Soderberg, Oregon Campaign to Boycott & Divest from Israel
Adam Sanchez, International Socialist Organization

Sponsored by Students United for Palestinian Human Rights, Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights, Portland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, International Socialist Organization