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Sam Adams Under Fire: Stand for A Member of Our Community

I understand Sam was under fire again this morning, as clean-pressed "good citizens" came before the city council to call for his resignation. They were asked to wait their turn, as today's business was not about Sam's private sex life. However, they will be back. Next week, they plan to sign up to speak their redundant piece. I say we should be there too.
Sam Adams has repeatedly asked that people respect his desire to get back to work. The corporate media has refused to respect his (or our) desire to focus on real issues, and is instead obsessing on Sam's sex life. This says a lot more about the people we're trusting to synthesize the narrative of our culture than it does about the man in the mayor's office.

I do not know Sam Adams. I only know that his was one of the only voices speaking out against the PJTTF all along. I also know that any time I showed up at the city hall to testify regarding the PJTTF, the Schumacher ordeal, and other issues, Sam was always polite and respectful. (Unlike Vera, Saltzman, or even Randy.) He was even polite outside city hall, when some colleagues and I ran into him once after a long and arduous meeting. He was accessible and respectful, took the time to talk, and that's rare. So while I do not know Adams personally, I do believe that he has done a better job acting as an elected representative of the people than anyone else at city hall in recent memory.

I also know a lynch mob when I see one, and I'm not going to let the corporate media dig its fat hands into local democracy and string up someone we put into office without a fight. Whatever you may think about Sam Adams the mayor (and I kind of think he's doing all right so far), this is about Sam Adams the human being. He's under attack, and this is not right.

I would like to see some of us attend the next city council meeting, so that we can show some support. Apparently, there were no supporters there today, only suits calling for him to resign. I'd like to be there next week. I have a day job, as I know most of you do also. We are, after all, working class people who can't just take a day like those people with money who would like to run the world. But it seems important to try to take a moment to let the shills know that WE decide who sits in the mayor's chair, not them. Is anyone with me?