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Weapons for Womyn

guns battles warfare
I believe that a lot of the world' s problems could be solved if we began to teach women early in life how to use weapons, make it socially acceptable for women to carry guns, wield knives, and defend themselves with an exterior manifestation.
Rape? Blow him away with a gun. Assault? Knife in the gut. Spousal abuse and beating, child rape? Kill.
No prisons. Open Warfare. To the last human.
equality begins within the race. The Human race.
equality Autonomy perseverance

To the teeth 28.Jan.2009 12:53

I agree to an extent.

Get that violence flowing uphill. A third of women are raped in their lifetimes. Women are going to be essential to any revolution against patriarchy and domination of nature. Nurturing and love do not exclude violence when it comes to defense. The Man, so to speak, has no problem killing and torturing the innocent. I'm beginning to see no problem physically fighting The Man. Unless you want the end of the world to be a lone white male yelling angrily atop a barren mountaintop, rifle in hand, his voice carrying across a desert landscape that once bore fruits and forests, while his soldiers starve below to the sound of Muzak, some violence against Him may be necessary. They (the Masters of the Universe) think they're Gods, but we could easily remind them they're as mortal as anyone who they so off-handishly sacrifice for their own sick pleasure. This goes for personal as well as global atrocities.

Word. 28.Jan.2009 13:04

gun-owning radical

I agree. If you do not think that you could take someone else's life in order to preserve yours, then you should really think long and hard about your values. If you would rather be raped than not raped because you were able to defend yourself, then you should really think long and hard about your values. If you are willing to let the police murder you or your friends or anybody else in your presence and you would not stop that if you were armed, then you should really think long and hard about your values.

To the original poster, and/or anyone else who is interested in these topics/practical training, please check out Portland's branch of Pink Pistols, a queer self-defense organization. Please also search online for "Cornered Cat."

A gun is an awefully useful tool.