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Insulting Cops To Be Illegal?

For you piggies: Call 1-800-WAAAHHH
Insulting Cops To Be Illegal?

Montreal police ask city to make insults against cops illegal

The Montreal police union has requested the Mayor's office to give police officers the authority to prevent the public from insulting police officers, and giving all offenders a hefty fine.
The Mayor's public security committee is seriously considering the police request to make it illegal for the public to use profane names, or calling the police "doughnut-eater", "pig", or insults like "The doughnut shop kicked you out again, didn't they?"

The Mayor said that the police request will be addressed. "Other cities have passed similar laws at the request of local police agencies", said Mayor Tremblay.
The communications officer for the Montreal police, Chief-Inspector Paul Chablo said that police and city lawyers are examining the request to determine the feasibility of the law.

"Other municipalities around the province, including Quebec City, have similar laws to ban all citizens from verbally abusing the police with insults", said Chablo. "While this law will not violate the rights of the public, it will be useful for police officers in dealing with offenders of the no-insult law", he said.

Chablo also stated that the law would be useful to the police in dealing with violent people, such as those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or people who are are violent towards police for other reasons, from getting out of hand.
The city of Montreal also enacted a new law at the request of the police department, which bans all protestors from covering their faces during demonstrations.
The head of the public security committee, Claude Dauphin said the public will be allowed to wear ski masks when temperatures drop to -25 Celsius, and political face masks at rallies. "The police will use common sense in these instances", he said.
"However", said Dauphin, "when demonstrators wear masks in the non-winter months, there will be problems because the intentions of theprotestors is not to have a peaceful demonstration. When the public cover their faces at demonstrations the police must deal with the intention
to commit violence, or instances where the public becomes unruly."