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Black Mesa Reportback/ Rising Tide Gathering

Next Sunday, February 1st, is the second in a series of a presentations by
Cascadia Rising Tide. These gatherings will happen every month on the
first Sunday, and will include different slideshows, documentaries, and
film screenings related to climate change and social justice issues.
Please Come!
Hello Cascadians!

Back in November of last year, members with Cascadia Rising Tide organized
and participated in the Northwest Caravan for Indigenous Resistance on
Black Mesa, AZ. This month we will be showing presentations about personal
accounts of helping out on the land and some of the stories that were
shared with us to bring back. We will be talking about the colonialist
history and current situation of forced relocation for coal extraction.

In addition, we'll also be talking more about the exciting upcoming
Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th) action of Lovers Against LNG, showing NW
Natural (aka Nasty!) how NASTY we can be! Come see how you can get

See you this weekend!
Sunday, February 1st
6pm @ Red and Black Cafe
(400 SE 12th avenue at Oak)

Portland Rising Tide

homepage: homepage: http://risingtidenorthamerica.org