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The real problem with Sam Adams.

Remember your history.
Sam Adams
Sam Adams
There's been a massive outpouring of support for Sam Adams, recently, in response to the story done by Willamette Week. And while it's important to fight homophobia (however much of an effect it's actually had on this situation), I think it's also important to remember that Sam Adams is a politician, and to take a look at what he's actually done during his time in office.

If you take a step back, and actually look at the history, you'll see that Sam has only really done two tangible things during his eight years in city hall: one, he built some bike lanes; and two, he spent millions and millions of tax payer dollars on toys for the rich.

Sam--as both a council member, and Katz chief of staff--has been one of the driving forces behind the government subsidization of the The Pearl District. He's also stated his support for keeping the district an Urban Renewal area. This means that the tax money collected from the condos (the few that have sold) will stay in the district, instead of being spent on schools or the homeless.

Sam has also been the man behind the Portland Streetcar, the prohibitively expense bus-for-people-who-think-they're-too-good-to-ride-the-bus. And never mind the $57 million dollar sky tram!

Sam has also repeatedly stated his support for the sit/lie law that basically outlaws homelessness.

If you want to support Sam in his fight with this media campaign, that's your choice. But don't let his sexual orientation or his trendy hair cut blind you to the kind of politician he really is. And don't let him continue to misspend tax payer money, while our schools go to hell, and the homeless are dieing on the streets.

Thank you 27.Jan.2009 15:03

Working Class Mama

Now these are actual reasons to dislike a mayor. I would respect a campaign based on this content. But I have to fight against a campaign that is rooted in homophobia(even if thinly veiled).

Just like I hated Clinton and wanted him out of office for his crimes against humanity and the environment and his free trade policies. But I refused to roast him for a silly sex "scandal" based on puritanical monogamist bullshit. It would have been horribly unprincipled to jump in bed with the religious right then, and it still is now.

not buying it 27.Jan.2009 18:41

the most terrible mayor ever

Yeah yeah he's an elected official in a small city in a sparsely populated state.

And somebody really wants him removed.

They are trying a sex scandal, but that's an uphill battle here. If Oregonians actually cared about sleazy encounters between partners of different ages, there wouldn't be a thousand strip clubs in Portland. And that approach provokes a backlash from bohemians and civil libertarians who otherwise wouldn't pay much attention to which middle-aged white man is sitting where in City Hall at all.

So here comes the flanking maneuver: Sam Adams is a traitor to the Movement. Or something.

Whatever. People are just lobbing one thing after another at this guy. What I wanna know is, if Adams goes, who will replace him, and why is this unnamed shadow mayor going to be an improvement.

Until this question is answered clearly I really don't give a shit about any of this other crap.

Adams voted against the PJTTF 27.Jan.2009 18:58


Adams was a strong, persistent, articulate opponent of the PJTTF. He voted against it even when it wasn't officially up for vote. The complaints against him seem weak and not at all balanced. If the posters are genuine and not paid operatives, I have to ask: were you around during Katz's reign?

and 28.Jan.2009 01:04


was the "sky tram" on his list?

not about homophobia 28.Jan.2009 10:52


As a lesbian I am so offended by these hysterical claims of homophobia behind the sam adams problem facing us. Of course, this problem of sam's will stir up the homophobes but to explain any and all opposition to sam staying on as mayor as homophobia is to fall for a ruse. As portlander explains clearly, this is about his lies and his attempt to cover this up by hiring somebody into a position they are not qualified for and using tax payer money to mentor someone in lying.

I've had a lot of personal experience with sam (related to MAL(mississippi ave lofts) and their theft of right away etc)) and I can promise you he is not the little peoples friend. he is in the pocket of developers and the well heeled and he will lie and deceive to protect and benefit them.

While I don't think his sexual behavior should figure into the question of whether he is a capable leader I do think his behavior was a misuse of power. he does have a groovy hair cut but he does dress frumpy and is not exactly buff... if this isn't a good example of using your position of power improperly than I don't know what is.

thank you 28.Jan.2009 13:22

dan savge

Thank you for pointing out Sam's career as a shill for local plutocrats. thank you poster, good bye sam.

This isn't the time 28.Jan.2009 17:11

for this

Sam Adams is under attack. Unfairly, and vehemently. This is no time to help the corporate press crucify him.

I'm so grossed out watching fucked up corporate media "reporters" running after people trying to whip this story up into a froth. These are the same reporters who utterly fails to keep us informed regarding any of the many REAL issues that we need to know about in order for democracy to function in our community. They won't tell us when corrupt police officers beat and arrest people for no reason. They won't tell us how the sit-lie ordinance and other city ordinances are criminalizing poverty and circumventing human rights. They won't tell us how the JTTF is robbing us of our constitutional rights. They won't chase after stories about cops illegally gathering data on radical activists. They won't chase after Portland Business Alliance conspiracies that have private mercenaries prowling the streets disappearing homeless people....

But they chase down Beau Breedlove to ask titillating questions and pretend their jobs matter.


If you've got problems with how the mayor does or doesn't do his job, fine. But at least wait until he's not under attack by the corporate presses. Otherwise, you are complicit in the lynching.

"abuse," "power," "position" 28.Jan.2009 17:26

such sexy words

> if this isn't a good example of using your position of power improperly than I don't know what is.

How, exactly, did he use his power as commissioner improperly?

I can think of one example maybe but actually I think the poster probably can't.

People are reacting to innuendo in the media that's not even true. Breedlove never worked for Adams, period.

It's not just about the new relevations... 28.Jan.2009 22:44

Erik H.


I like what "not about homophobia" wrote, she is right on the money. Sam Adams used the campaign slogan "Sam for Mayor...because Portland belongs to all of us" but the truth is anything but. He's so much beholden to special interests, that frankly I'd love it if George W. Bush (yes, the former President of the U.S.) was Mayor of Portland - it would be an improvement.

(And I hate Bush. But he's a Godsend compared to Sam.)

I've attempted to contact Sam regarding the poor quality of transportation options in my neighborhood - Far Southwest. Essentially he doesn't care, his staffers don't care...I've had his staffers tell me to my face that they don't care. They want Streetcars and anything else is "not their problem". Even the City's "Streetcar Plan" specifically excludes anything of Southwest Portland, because SW is more suited to buses. So instead of coming up with a bus plan that serves SW - the City just does nothing.

Sam is all about developers, and folks who live in his chosen neighborhoods, in his chosen special-interest groups, and you must live within three miles of downtown Portland. Outside of that, and you might as well be in a foreign country. What has Sam done for the Eastside - has he even been on 82nd Avenue or 122nd Avenue in his entire life? Does he know where Barbur Boulevard is? Has he been on a TriMet bus? Of course not, he's too polished and too good for what the average Portlander does.

Unfortunately, the eastside residents of Portland have been so disenchanted with local politics (because of the never-ending lies and broken promises) that "we" voted him into office in the first place. I don't blame them. Hopefully with the newest revelations...the eastside now can feel that they have a chance to stand up for their neighborhoods, and show that Portland isn't just the Pearl District, SoWhat, and Hawthorne/Belmont, but Portland is all of Portland, from Far Southwest to the Airport, from Lents to Linnton, and EVERYTHING inbetween. 122nd Avenue IS Portland. 82nd Avenue IS Portland...just as much as 60th or Broadway is.