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Overpopulation & Starvation

This is the famous gumball video on world population.
In the past six years the world added 462 million people. In that same six years, 18 million people died annually from starvation and starvation related diseases, which equals 108 million human beings. Of that number, children under 10 represented 60 million deaths. (Source: World Health Organization)

Gumball Video:
 link to www.numbersusa.com

the linked page says the video is about "immigration" 27.Jan.2009 18:21

i.e. starvation for me oh no, starvation for you too bad

"This is the celebrated demonstration that Roy Beck has been giving to scores of audiences across the nation, as well as on many TV programs, including C-SPAN. Using colorful, eye-catching props, he entertains and shocks audiences with the population consequences of current U.S. immigration policies."