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CONFIRMED: Tacoma Spies on Regional Activists

Although long suspected, new documents show that the Tacoma PD and Port Police collected and shared intelligence information with GEO Group Inc concerning legitimate 1st Admendment activities by U.S. Citizens from the Puget Sound Region.
The Bill of Rights Defense Committee - Tacoma has confirmed that the
Tacoma PD and Port of Tacoma Police have collected and shared
intelligence data on various local and regional activist groups such as
OneAmerica (formerly Hate Free Zone Seattle), Community-to-Community (Bellingham),
People for Peace Justice and Healing (Tacoma), the Pierce County ACLU, BORDC-
Tacoma, and the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) since at least 2006.

This intelligence has been shared and coordinated with the GEO Group, a
private corporation currently operating in violation of Washington
State laws at the Northwest Detention Center.

We will provide more information as it is processed.

We strongly suggest individuals that are members or associated with
these groups request your individual "watch file" from the City of
Tacoma Clerks Office (for the Tacoma PD) and the Port of Tacoma (for
Port Police). You should request any and all documents mentioning you
and any associated groups to include email, pictures, video, and any
other documents in your file.

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