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Who Funds Truthout.org?

The Truthout.org alternative media group was given a $500,000 grant by Bill Moyers' Schumann Center for Media & Democracy in 2007.
On its website, the Truthout.org alternative media group makes the following claim:

"... We are almost entirely reader-supported. There is absolutely no controlling financial interest behind this organization. Over 95% of our financing comes from small, individual donations. The remainder comes from a small number of grants... We depend solely upon our readership for survival, and so we answer to them alone."

Yet according to the Schumann Center for Media & Democracy's Form 990 filing for 2007, Truthout.org was given a grant of $500,000 by the Schumann Center for Media & Democracy in 2007 "for general support to strengthen editorial content through 2008."

The president of the Schumann Center for Media & Democracy that subsidizes the Truthout.org website is Bill Moyers, the former Johnson White House Press Secretary turned-PBS show producer/host. Besides funding the Truthout.org web site, the Schumann Center for Media & Democracy also owned stock in the following corporations in 2008: Goldman Sachs; American International Group; Fannie Mae; J.P. Morgan Chase; Wachovia; Washington Mutual; Wells Fargo; Exxon Mobil; Chevron; ConocoPhilips; Royal Dutch Shell; General Motors; Ford Motor; Time Warner; Time Warner Cable; Time Warner Telecom; Viacom; CBS; Yahoo; Microsoft; Google; General Electric/NBC; Disney/ABC; United Technologies; Boeing; United Health Group; Starbucks; McDonald's; and Coca-Cola

Moyers' Schumann Center for Media & Democracy also gave the Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting [FAIR] alternative media group a grant of $500,000 in 2007. In addition, the Institute for Public Affairs/In These Times magazine alternative media publication was given a $200,000 grant by the Schumann Center for Media & Democracy, while the Independent Media Institute/AlterNet alternative media group was given a $500,000 grant by Moyers' foundation in 2007.

Between May 1, 2007 and April 30, 2008, the "non-profit" Truthout.org's total revenues of $1,979,,617 exceeded its total expenses of $1,699,495 by nearly $280,000, according to its Form 990 filing for 2007. The same Truthout.org financial statement also indicated that the president of the "non-profit" Truthout.org alternative media group, Marc Ash, was paid an annual salary of $207,933 in 2008.

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Truth is out 26.Jan.2009 19:41


no mention of false flag operations...

Forget The Fake "CIA" Websites! 26.Jan.2009 20:50


Do not try to get real news from fake CIA websites. This is not the naive or subverted "Break For News" Bullshit.

Forget the CFR controlled sites like "Truthout" (which utterly ignored the Kucinich impeachment bill, for example). They are shills for the New Wold Order. ("DemocRATS" for war, etc.).

"Truthout" is run by the "progressive fascist Democrats!"

Buzzflash would be much better. Small internet cells, like marisicat would be be even much better. Truthout is run by the corporate shills. They want cheap loyalty to spread cheap disinformation. Don't fall for it!